2019-06-16 André Valentinnetsupport: improve xfrm module support
2019-06-16 Hauke Mehrtenslibubox: update to latest git HEAD
2019-06-16 Joseph Bendentoolchain: Add GCC 9.1.0 release
2019-06-16 Hauke Mehrtensurngd: Fix wrong type in format string
2019-06-16 Hauke Mehrtensubox: bump to git HEAD
2019-06-15 Hans Dedeckernetifd: xfrm fixes
2019-06-15 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Add SUPPORTED_DEVICES for Archer C7 v1/v2
2019-06-15 Christian Lampartermac80211: refresh patches
2019-06-15 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: ath10k: adjust tx power reduction for US...
2019-06-15 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: ath10k: fix max antenna gain unit
2019-06-15 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: ath9k: Increase allowed antenna gain to 6 dBi
2019-06-15 Pavel Kubelunipq40xx: fix high resolution timer
2019-06-15 Pavel Kubelunipq40xx: directly define voltage per opp
2019-06-15 Mantas Puckakernel: mt29f_spinand: fix memory leak during page...
2019-06-15 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Merge cases in 11-ath10k-caldata
2019-06-15 Christian Lamparteriwinfo: update PKG_MIRROR_HASH
2019-06-15 Linus Walleijgemini: Make root filesystem writeable
2019-06-15 Linus Walleijgemini: Fix MAC address assignment for DIR-685
2019-06-15 Linus Walleijgemini: Make a per-board case for ethernet MAC
2019-06-15 Linus Walleijgemini: Use library functions to assign MAC address
2019-06-15 Christian Lampartergemini: enable CONFIG_PACKET
2019-06-15 Rosen Penevkernel: Add AEAD and RNG support to kmod-crypto-user
2019-06-15 Hannu Nymanbusybox: update to 1.31.0
2019-06-15 André Valentinnetwork/config/xfrm: add host-dependency for xfrm inter...
2019-06-14 Yousong Zhoubusybox: strip off ALTERNATIVES spec
2019-06-14 Yousong Zhouopkg: bump to version 2019-06-14
2019-06-13 Stijn Tintelkernel: add missing symbol to 4.19 config
2019-06-13 Hans Dedeckernetifd: update to latest git HEAD
2019-06-13 Kevin Darbyshire... ath10k-firmware: update Candela Tech firmware images
2019-06-13 Kevin Darbyshire... ath10k-ct: Update to 2019-06-13
2019-06-12 Paul Spoorenf2fs-tools: fixup SPDX license
2019-06-12 Daniel Golleconfig: enable some useful features on !SMALL_FLASH...
2019-06-12 Konstantin... nghttp2: deduplicate files in libnghttp2
2019-06-12 Koen Vandeputteiwinfo: update to latest git HEAD
2019-06-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.50
2019-06-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.125 (FS#2305 FS#2297)
2019-06-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.181
2019-06-11 Yousong Zhoudnsmasq: move feature detection inside a shell func
2019-06-11 Petr Štetiarbuild: add urandom-seed and urngd to default packages set
2019-06-11 Petr Štetiarbase-files: move urandom seed bits into separate package
2019-06-11 Petr Štetiarubox: move getrandom into separate getrandom package
2019-06-11 Petr Štetiarurng: add micro non-physical true RNG based on timing...
2019-06-10 Alexander use https:// instead of http://
2019-06-10 Alexander Couzensreplace links towards with
2019-06-10 Karl Pálssontoolchain: replace LEDE in help text
2019-06-10 Kristian Evensenramips: Remove redundant LED-cases
2019-06-10 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Add support for TP-Link Archer C25 v1
2019-06-10 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Reorder some TP-Link Archer devices in 01_leds
2019-06-10 Deng Qingfangramips: mt7620: select kmod-rt2800-pci driver for RT5592
2019-06-10 David Santamaría... ath79: migrate Archer C7 5GHz radio device paths
2019-06-10 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Consistently label art partition with lower...
2019-06-10 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Read MAC addresses from flash in 11-ath10k-caldata
2019-06-10 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: Consistently label info partition
2019-06-10 Pawel Dembickimpc85xx: re-enable TL-WDR4900v1 images
2019-06-10 Christian Lampartermpc85xx: convert TL-WDR4900 v1 to simpleImage
2019-06-10 André Valentinconfig: add xfrm interface support scripts
2019-06-10 Hans Dedeckercurl: update to 7.65.1
2019-06-09 André Valentinnetsupport: add xfrmi interface support
2019-06-09 Petr Štetiarkirkwood: image: fix unwanted 2nd inclusion of kernel
2019-06-09 Petr Štetiargpio-button-hotplug: gpio-keys: fix always missing...
2019-06-09 Petr Štetiargpio-button-hotplug: fix wrong initial seen value
2019-06-09 Petr Štetiargpio-button-hotplug: use pr_debug and pr_err
2019-06-09 Yousong Zhoudnsmasq: skip options that are not compiled in
2019-06-08 Hans Dedeckernetifd: xfrm tunnel support
2019-06-08 Konstantin... busybox: add ALTERNATIVES for brctl
2019-06-08 Deng Qingfangtools/ccache: update to 3.7.1
2019-06-07 Chen Minqiangkernel: re-add bridge allow reception on disabled port
2019-06-07 Kevin Darbyshire... iproute2: add tc action ctinfo support
2019-06-06 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: backport act_ctinfo
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update patches-4.14 to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: fix u-boot bootcmd
2019-06-06 Yangbo Lulayerscape: drop ppa package
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: convert to use TF-A for firmware
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: add ARM Trusted Firmware package
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: add rcw packages for ls1043ardb/ls1046ardb...
2019-06-06 Yangbo Lulayerscape: drop armv8_32b support
2019-06-06 Yangbo Lulayerscape: update restool to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update u-boot to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update ppfe-firmware to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update ls-rcw to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update ls-mc to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update ls-dpl to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Biwen Lilayerscape: update fman-ucode to LSDK 19.03
2019-06-06 Yangbo Lulayerscape: remove POSIX_MQUEUE configs
2019-06-06 Yangbo Lukernel: handle CFQ_GROUP_IOSCHED/CGROUP_HUGETLB in...
2019-06-06 Sebastian Meilingkernel: add package for atusb wpan module
2019-06-06 Daniel Gonzalez... brcm63xx: DVA-G3810BN/TL: Fix the WAN ethernet port
2019-06-06 Roman Yeryominbuild: fix external module symbol collection if build_d...
2019-06-06 Kevin Darbyshire... Revert "kernel: backport act_ctinfo"
2019-06-06 Jo-Philipp... rpcd: fix init script reload action
2019-06-06 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: backport act_ctinfo
2019-06-06 Petr Štetiarrpcd: update to the latest git head
2019-06-05 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.19 to 4.19.48
2019-06-05 Petr Štetiarkernel: generic: make kernel-debug.tar.bz2 usable again
2019-06-05 Chuanhong Guoramips: add support for TOTOLINK LR1200
2019-06-05 Rytis Zigmantavičiusath79: add support for 8devices Carambola2 development...
2019-06-05 Kristian Evensenath79: Add support for ZBT-WD323
2019-06-05 Chuanhong Guoath79: fix default config for devices with eth0/eth1...
2019-06-05 Chuanhong Guoath79: dts: drop "simple-mfd" for gmacs in SoC dtsi
2019-06-05 Chuanhong Guoath79: ag71xx: defer probe if of_phy_connect failed