2020-07-14 John Crispinipq40xx: fix ethernet vlan double tagging
2020-07-14 John Crispinipq40xx: merge all ar40xx patches into one single patch
2020-07-14 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: really fix aliases node for Qualcomm IPQ8064...
2020-07-14 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: use consistent DT labels for gsbiX_serial
2020-07-14 Adrian Schmutzleripq806x: fix aliases node name for Qualcomm IPQ8064...
2020-07-13 Daniel Baileyprocd: allow optional watchdog instance parameter
2020-07-13 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2020-07-13 Roger Pueyo... ath79: use rgmii-id instead of rgmii in ubnt,lap-120
2020-07-13 Paul Spoorenbuild,json: fix compatibility with Python 3.5
2020-07-13 Mathieu Martin... ramips: add support for D-Link DIR-878 A1
2020-07-13 Mathieu Martin... kernel: mtdsplit_uimage: add SGE parser
2020-07-13 Hans Dedeckerglibc: fix avx2 strncmp offset compare condition check...
2020-07-13 David Bauerrockchip: don't disable timer LED trigger
2020-07-13 David Bauerrockchip: use downstream GPIO button implementation
2020-07-13 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2020-07-13 Adrian Schmutzlerbcm47xx: disable image for Linksys WRT160n v3
2020-07-13 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: consolidate Netgear devices for mt7628
2020-07-13 Jason A. Donenfeldwireguard: bump to 1.0.20200712
2020-07-12 Kevin Darbyshire... scripts/env: Fix 56f813674a scripts/env: use command...
2020-07-12 Chuanhong Guoath79: fix dsa binding for TP-Link TL-WR941ND v2
2020-07-12 Chuanhong Guoath79: qihoo,c301: use phy-supply for usb vbus
2020-07-12 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: add support for MACCHIATObin Single Shot
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerscripts/ fix use of printf
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: consolidate recipes with uimage_padhdr
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlermvebu: fix support for Marvell 8040 MACCHIATOBin
2020-07-11 Daniel González... bcm63xx: R5010UNv2: fix flash partitions for 16MB flash
2020-07-11 Roman Yeryominbuild: improve ccache support
2020-07-11 DENG Qingfangramips: mt7621: refactor set affinity script
2020-07-11 Sebastian Kemperltq-vmmc: update permission handling
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: define IMAGE_SIZE and LS_SYSUPGRADE_IMAGE_SIZE
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: support sysupgrade for SD card ext4 rootfs
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: support sysupgrade for squashfs rootfs
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: fix board name for SD card boot
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: add compatible for board ls1043ardb
2020-07-11 Yangbo Lulayerscape: convert to squashfs rootfs for QSPI NOR...
2020-07-11 Rui Salvaterrabusybox: store applet usage messages uncompressed
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevbase-files/ use command -v instead of...
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiarscripts/ fix remaining shellcheck warning
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ switch from bash to sh
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ fix improper string and array concate...
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ add missing quotes
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ replace echo -e with printf
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiarscripts/ fix more shellcheck warnings
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ use /bin/sh
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/ replace -o with if/&&
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiarscripts/env: fix remaining shellcheck warning
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/env: use read -r instead of read
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/env: exit in case of failure to cd
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/env: replace \! with !
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevscripts/env: use command -v instead of which
2020-07-11 Eneas U de... build: reduce number of files passed to ipk-remove
2020-07-11 Eneas U de... build: call ipkg-remove using xargs if #args>=512
2020-07-11 Eneas U de... build: package-ipkg: avoid calling wildcard twice
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiartoolchain/ fix remaining shellcheck warnings
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevtoolchain/ Replace read with read -r
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevtoolchain/gdb: Don't use gdb-arc
2020-07-11 Rui Salvaterrakernel: kmod-zram: break the strict dependency from lz4
2020-07-11 Rui Salvaterrazram-swap: correctly express the required dependencies
2020-07-11 Rui Salvaterrazram-swap: enable swap discard
2020-07-11 Rui Salvaterrabusybox: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC instead of gettimeofday
2020-07-11 Rosen Penevlzo: switch to building with CMake
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiarlibubox: update to version 2020-07-11
2020-07-11 Alexey Dobrovolskyramips: kernel: fix awake-rt305x-dwc2 patch
2020-07-11 Tomasz Maciej... linux-firmware: package EIP197 mini firmware
2020-07-11 Petr Štetiarfirmware-utils: mkfwimage: fix memcpy and strncpy usage
2020-07-11 Syrone Wongtoolchain/gcc: Add GCC 10.1.0 patches
2020-07-11 Syrone Wongtoolchain/gcc: Add GCC 10.1.0 config
2020-07-11 Syrone Wongtoolchain/gcc: Copy patches from 9.3.0 to 10.1.0
2020-07-11 Pawel Dembickikirkwood: add support for Check Point L-50
2020-07-11 Pawel Dembickiuboot-kirkwood: add uboot for CheckPoint L-50
2020-07-11 Pawel Dembickikernel: add package for Seiko S-35390A I2C RTC
2020-07-11 Huangbin Zhanuboot-envtools: ath79: update ubootenv partion index...
2020-07-11 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.51
2020-07-11 Pawel Dembickiipq806x: enable Linksys EA8500 eth1 interface
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: remove useless cat
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerwireguard-tools: replace backticks by $(...)
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerbase-files: replace backticks by $(...)
2020-07-11 Daniel Golleprocd: fix yet another build issue, this time with...
2020-07-11 Daniel Golleprocd: fix another seccomp-related build issue
2020-07-11 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: disable TP-Link TL-WR941ND v2
2020-07-10 Daniel Golleprocd: jail: fix build on platforms without seccomp...
2020-07-10 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2020-07-10 Daniel Gollemac80211: rt2x00: define RF5592 in init_eeprom routine
2020-07-10 Tim Thorperamips: add support for Netgear R6020
2020-07-10 Willem van... lantiq: set correct gphy pins for Zyxel P-2812
2020-07-09 David Woodhousemediatek: fix bashism in
2020-07-09 Lucian Cristiankernel: iscsi-initator: fix kernel config symbols
2020-07-09 Sungbo Eomediatek: re-add u3phy2 phy-switch patch
2020-07-09 Sungbo Eomediatek: do not create device nodes in uci-defaults...
2020-07-09 Petr Štetiartreewide: kernel: drop redundant USB_EHCI_HCD=n config...
2020-07-09 Sebastian Schaperath79: add support for D-Link DAP-1330/DAP-1365 A1
2020-07-08 Sungbo Eoath79: add support for Arduino Yun
2020-07-08 Sungbo Eobase-files: add functions to set or clear bit in MAC...
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: Implement sysupgrade support for Banana Pi R2
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: store MAC address in boot partition on Banana...
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: add SD card image creation for Banana Pi R2
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: use U-Boot FAT environment support for Banana...
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: fix U-Boot pinctrl setup for mt7623 eMMC
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: add mt7623 u-boot build for Banana Pi R2
2020-07-08 David Woodhousemediatek: new mt7623n preloader package for Banana Pi