2010-11-28 Florian Fainellirefresh patches and remove trailing whitespaces
2010-11-28 Florian Fainellirefresh and refine 972-cpmac_multi_probe.patch, patch...
2010-11-28 Florian Fainellirefresh 973-cpmac_handle_mvswitch.patch
2010-11-28 Florian Fainellirefresh and refine vlynq patch, patch from sn9
2010-11-28 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: remove support for old kernel versions
2010-11-28 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: use kernel as new default kernel...
2010-11-28 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config symbols for 2.6.37-rc3
2010-11-27 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix module reload on ar713x based systems with...
2010-11-27 Hauke Mehrtensbrcm47xx: reorder patches like they were commitet upstream
2010-11-27 Felix Fietkauremove CONFIG_ADM6996_PHY=y for ar7 and atheros - this...
2010-11-27 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove the bogus ext2/ext3 dependency on linux...
2010-11-27 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add pending patches for throughput based...
2010-11-27 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option
2010-11-26 Alexandros... package/ncurses: fix freebsd install issues
2010-11-25 Alexandros... tools/pkg-config: update to version 0.25
2010-11-25 Jo-Philipp... opkg: ship pkg.m4, this fixes building on FreeBSD
2010-11-25 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: cfg80211 should not depend on rfkill.
2010-11-25 Florian Fainellipatch 972-cpmac_multi_probe.patch correctly, thanks sn9
2010-11-25 Florian Fainellirename 973-cpmac_handle_mvswitch.c to 973-cpmac_handle_...
2010-11-25 Florian Fainellihandle mvswitch in cpmac, rework MII probing logic...
2010-11-25 Florian Fainellihandle new revisions of vlynq wrt reset sequence, patch...
2010-11-25 Florian Fainelliincrease flash window size to 32MiB, patch from sn9.
2010-11-25 Florian Fainelliupdate acx-mac80211 to 20101030 snapshot, patch from sn9
2010-11-24 Imre Kalozupdate to the latest stable kernels
2010-11-24 Jo-Philipp... mtd: whitespace cleanup
2010-11-24 Jo-Philipp... mtd: fix r24132
2010-11-24 Jo-Philipp... opkg: write error messages to stdout
2010-11-24 Alexandros... package/mtd: (enhancement) add option to prevent erase...
2010-11-24 Felix Fietkauchange the recursive dependency template to use more...
2010-11-24 Alexandros... tools/e2fsprogs: fix freebsd compile issue
2010-11-24 Alexandros... tools/mtd-utils: update to mtd-utils-20101124
2010-11-24 Alexandros... tools/e2fsprogs: update to e2fsprogs-1.41.12
2010-11-24 Daniel Dickinsonimage Makefile: Removed extraneous tab from Image/Limit...
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosramips: add support for Belkin F5D8235 v2 board
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosgeneric: add rtl8366rb switch vlan fid support
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosramips: Use NET_IP_ALIGN instead of hardcoding 2
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosramips: DMA map the correct RX skb size
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosramips: Don't trigger BUG_ON due to skb allocation...
2010-11-24 Gabor Juhosramips: Remove unnecessary skb_put
2010-11-24 Felix FietkauuClibc: add back a few cflags that were being overwritt...
2010-11-23 Daniel Dickinsonimage: Limited image name put into the info1 field...
2010-11-23 Alexandros... linux/brcm47xx: sync yhe BCM4710 fix with the upcoming...
2010-11-23 Alexandros... linux/generic: add 2.6.37 support for the Cisco 7941...
2010-11-23 Alexandros... linux/brcm47xx: add missing patch on r24112
2010-11-23 Alexandros... linux/brcm47xx: Broadcom BCM4710 does not belong in...
2010-11-23 Alexandros... linux/generic: refresh 2.6.37 patches
2010-11-23 Hamish GuthrieFix ext4 build
2010-11-23 Hamish GuthrieBump kernel version
2010-11-23 Hamish GuthrieRemove NAND support
2010-11-23 Felix Fietkaumac80211: improve station mode nullfunc probing
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkaue2fsprogs: fix libuuid installation
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkaumac80211: improve ad-hoc multicast rate handling
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkauiw: sync nl80211 header to fix the multicast rate setting
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkauuse PREFIX/bin instead of PREFIX/sbin for all host...
2010-11-22 Alexandros... linux/brcm47xx: properly fix r24096
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: fix ubicom32 compile error with 0.9.32
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: fix headers install on prepare with QUILT=1
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: make UCLIBC_HAS_LONG_DOUBLE_MATH generic
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkauath9k_htc: fix eeprom access breakage
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix key search for a-mpdu on ar9300
2010-11-22 Alexandros... linux/brcm47xx: mainline 2.6.37 602977b0d672687909b0cb0...
2010-11-22 Alexandros... target/linux: sync kernel patches to 2.6.37-rc3
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: fix cris compile on 0.9.32
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: fix compile error on avr32
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: disable nptl on a few targets where it is not...
2010-11-22 Felix Fietkaue2fsprogs: clean up the makefile and install libuuid
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozcleanup
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozremove 2.6.25 support
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozremove 2.6.25 support
2010-11-22 Imre Kaloz2.6.31 support (WiP)
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozfix typos
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozmove x86 back to .32 for now
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozswitch from ext2 to ext4 (w/o) journaling
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozuse ext4 for ext2/3 on 2.6.32+
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozadd 2.6.32 patches to use ext4 for ext2/3
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozadditional Kconfig options for newer kernels
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozwe don't need microcode updates
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozadd ext4 support
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozadd e2fsprogs to tools and use that instead of libuuid
2010-11-22 Imre Kalozadd missing Kconfig symbols
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: 0.9.32 needs the ldso fix as well
2010-11-22 Felix FietkauuClibc: update 0.9.32 to latest git
2010-11-21 Felix Fietkaux86: add missing l1 cache shift change
2010-11-21 Felix Fietkaux86: turn off CONFIG_X86_GENERIC for geos and net5501
2010-11-21 Felix Fietkaucrda: update regulatory.bin based on latest wireless...
2010-11-21 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix some more endian issues
2010-11-21 Jo-Philipp... Package dnsmasq init-file If an already running DHCP...
2010-11-20 Felix Fietkauath9k: fix endian issues on AR9003
2010-11-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: revert the probe request timeout change
2010-11-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: update to latest wireless-testing + more...
2010-11-19 Jo-Philipp... openssl: refresh 200-ocf-20100325.patch
2010-11-19 Jo-Philipp... hostapd: terminate mainloop if interface setup fails...
2010-11-19 Daniel DickinsonInitial support for Telsey CPVA642 boards (no vlans...
2010-11-19 Imre Kalozupgrade u-boot to v2010.12-rc1
2010-11-19 Jo-Philipp... openssl: update to 0.9.8p
2010-11-19 Gabor Juhosar71xx: D-Link DIR-825 B1 eth1 MAC address is garbage
2010-11-19 Felix Fietkaumac80211: merge the upstream ht40 fix
2010-11-19 Felix Fietkauhostapd: back out a problematic madwifi change that...
2010-11-19 Felix Fietkauath9k: rework the mac address override patch to not...
2010-11-18 Alexandros... toolchain/uClibc: fix upstream patch name on r24029