2020-03-29 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: Enable CMOS RTC support on 5.4
2020-03-29 Hauke Mehrtensramips: Deactivate NETGEAR WNCE2001 by default
2020-03-29 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: update to latest git HEAD
2020-03-29 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to 2.81rc4
2020-03-29 Kevin Darbyshire... nftables: implement no/json variants
2020-03-29 Kevin Darbyshire... jansson: import jansson from packages
2020-03-29 Daniel Engbergtreewide: Don't diverge from upstream default HZ settin...
2020-03-29 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 5.4.27
2020-03-29 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Fix rt2x00 exports
2020-03-29 Michal Cieslakiewiczkernel: generic: 5.4: fix mtd concat panic on read...
2020-03-29 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: switch to kernel 5.4 by default
2020-03-29 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: Add patch for gcc8 compilance
2020-03-29 Evgeniy Didinarchs38: add kernel 5.4 config
2020-03-29 Evgeniy Didinkernel: update arc-specific patch
2020-03-29 DENG Qingfangcurl: rebuild when libopenssl config changes
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarmac80211: rtl8723bs: fix missing MMC dependency
2020-03-28 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: cortexa9: correct cpu subtype
2020-03-28 Tomasz Maciej... tegra: correct cpu subtype
2020-03-28 Paul Spoorenx86: fix missing squashfs and ext4 rootfs images
2020-03-28 Paul Spoorenx86: fix padding in images
2020-03-28 Nick Bowlerkernel: package gpio-f7188x driver
2020-03-28 Nick Bowlerkernel: package f71808e-wdt driver
2020-03-28 Nick Bowlerkernel: package f71882fg hwmon driver
2020-03-28 Eneas U de... openssl: revert EOF detection change in 1.1.1
2020-03-28 Baptiste Jonglezar71xx: Fix gigabit switch support for Mikrotik RB951G...
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarkernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.28
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaripq40xx: switch to 5.4 kernel
2020-03-28 Leon M. Georgeipq40xx: wpj428: fix missing MDIO GPIO reset and pinmux
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: switch to 5.4 kernel
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: a53: fix ethernet on a64-olinuxino
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: 5.4: dts: a64: olinuxino: add bank supply regulators
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: 5.4: a64-olinuxino: use red LED for status signa...
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: a53: add support for Olimex A64-Olinuxino eMMC
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: a53: add support for Olimex A64-Olinuxino
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarsunxi: a53: image: make it DRY
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: a64: allow booting directly from eMMC
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: add support for Olimex A64-Olinuxino eMMC
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: add support for Olimex A64-Olinuxino
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: rename Sinovoip BPI M2 Plus to Bananapi...
2020-03-28 Aleksander... uboot-sunxi: Banana Pi M2 Ultra switch to mainline...
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiaruboot-sunxi: bump to 2020.01
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarlinux-firmware: add firmware for RTL8723BS SDIO modules
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarmac80211: realtek: add staging driver for RTL8723BS...
2020-03-28 Petr Štetiarbcm27xx: 5.4: add support for Sensirion SPS30 in i2c...
2020-03-27 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: rename Mikrotik RB 922UAGS-5HPacD mtd partition
2020-03-27 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: fix Mikrotik wAP G-5HacT2HnD mtd partitions
2020-03-27 Alberto Bursikirkwood: fix DTS partitions for Pogoplug E02
2020-03-27 John Crispinmediatke: add support for elecom-wrc-2533gent
2020-03-27 John Crispinmediatek: more v5.4 mtd fixes
2020-03-27 John Crispinhostapd: fix no_reload logic
2020-03-27 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: fix brcmfmac monitor interface crash
2020-03-27 Álvaro Fernández... ath10k-firmware: update ath10k-ct firmware images
2020-03-27 Álvaro Fernández... ath10k-ct: update to version 2020-03-25
2020-03-26 Hans Dedeckernetifd: fix compilation with musl 1.2.0
2020-03-26 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: fix compilation with musl 1.2.0
2020-03-26 Jan Alexanderar71xx: use status led for GL.iNet GL-AR750S
2020-03-26 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WA860RE v1
2020-03-26 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WDR4310 v1
2020-03-25 Henrique de... dnsmasq: fix dnssec+ntp chicken-and-egg workaround...
2020-03-25 Henrique de... dnsmasq: init: get rid of test -a and test -o
2020-03-25 Jo-Philipp... uclient: update mirror hash
2020-03-25 Jo-Philipp... uclient: bump to latest Git HEAD
2020-03-25 Jo-Philipp... uhttpd: bump to latest Git HEAD
2020-03-25 Jo-Philipp... ustream-ssl: bump to latest Git HEAD
2020-03-24 Kevin Darbyshire... build: prereq: tidy gcc version checks
2020-03-24 Kevin Darbyshire... nftables: bump to 0.9.3
2020-03-23 Kevin Darbyshire... libnftnl: drop unsupported configure option
2020-03-23 Paul Spoorenx86/geode: fixup FEATURE inheritance
2020-03-23 Paul Spoorenx86/geode: add missing include after rebase
2020-03-23 Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx: refresh linux 5.4 configs
2020-03-23 Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx-userland: update to latest version
2020-03-23 Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx-gpu-fw: update to latest version
2020-03-23 Álvaro Fernández... bcm27xx: sync 5.4 patches with RPi Foundation
2020-03-23 Robert Markobuild: add GCC 10 version detection
2020-03-22 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: switch to 5.4 kernel
2020-03-22 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: wndr4700: add preliminary drivetemp sensor
2020-03-22 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: add drivetemp sensor for the WD MyBook Series
2020-03-22 Christian Lamparterx86: geode/legacy: fix missing watchdog core dependencies
2020-03-22 Jordan Sokolicdnsmasq: add 'scriptarp' option
2020-03-22 David Bauerath79: fix missing return statement in ar934x_nand
2020-03-22 David Bauerath79: fix NAND driver compilation for kernel 5.4
2020-03-22 Daniel Golleoxnas: yet another irqchip related patch
2020-03-22 David Baueriwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
2020-03-22 David Bauerath79: align Ubiquiti AC Pro ethernet map to factory
2020-03-22 Robert Markotools: squashfskit4: fix build with GCC10
2020-03-22 Alexander Couzenssquashfskit4/Makefile: introduce PKG_RELEASE=1
2020-03-21 Roger Pueyo... ath79: add support for Ubiquiti NanoBridge M (XM)
2020-03-21 Rafał Miłeckisamba36: log error if getting device info failed
2020-03-21 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: optimize building UBI image
2020-03-21 Rafał Miłeckibusybox: enable truncate on bcm53xx target
2020-03-21 Sungbo Eotreewide: omit IMAGE_SIZE argument from check-size
2020-03-21 Sungbo Eobuild: image: set default parameter for check-size
2020-03-21 Sungbo Eotreewide: gather DEVICE_VARS into one place
2020-03-21 Russell Seniorath79: add support for ubnt_bullet-m-ar7240 variant
2020-03-21 Linus Walleijgemini: Bump kernel to v5.4
2020-03-21 Linus Walleijgemini: Add kernel config for kernel v5.4
2020-03-21 Linus Walleijgemini: Add v5.4 kernel patches
2020-03-21 Christian Lamparterkernel: 5.4: disable more symbols
2020-03-21 Christian Lamparterkernel: backport and package drivetemp hwmon from v5.5
2020-03-21 Eneas U de... openssl: update to 1.1.1e