2020-12-11 Marty Joneskernel: add Aquantia AQtion USB-to-5GbE adapters
2020-12-11 Karel Kočímvebu: fix initramfs/kernel image for CZNIC Turris...
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: bump package version
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: add ssh-askpass support in configuration
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: roll up recipes into mapping lists
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: rework recipes that configure build
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: reorder options in Configure recipe
2020-12-11 Konstantin... dropbear: enable back DROPBEAR_USE_PASSWORD_ENV
2020-12-11 Rafał Mikrutrealtek: Add missing case in switch statement
2020-12-11 Rafał Mikrutrealtek: Fix self assignment
2020-12-11 John Thomsonpackage/base-files: caldata: use dd iflag fullblock
2020-12-11 Petr Štetiarwolfssl: fix broken wolfSSL_X509_check_host
2020-12-11 Eneas U de... wolfssl: compile with --enable-opensslall
2020-12-11 Eneas U de... wolfssl: add lighty support, skip crypttests
2020-12-11 Daniel González... bcm63xx: DGND3700v1: use the real board name
2020-12-10 Daniel Golleconfig: add big EXPERIMENTAL option
2020-12-10 Karel Kočíscripts/feeds: fix preference of package install
2020-12-10 Paul Spoorenopkg: remove legacy dist and extra_data
2020-12-10 Paul Spooreniftop: remove package
2020-12-09 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: update to latest git HEAD
2020-12-09 Brian Norrisscripts/feeds: warn when skipping core package override
2020-12-09 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.82
2020-12-09 Jo-Philipp... lldpd: fix autoreconf failure
2020-12-09 Sieng Piaw... bcm63xx: add support for Innacomm W3400V6
2020-12-09 Sieng Piaw... kernel: unlock MX25L6406E with 4 bit Block Protect
2020-12-08 Adrian Schmutzleruboot-envtools: ramips: use full names for Xiaomi Mi...
2020-12-08 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: use full names for Xiaomi Mi Router devices
2020-12-08 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: mt7628: create shared DTSI for Xiaomi Mi Router...
2020-12-07 John Beckettbuild: find_md5 list with mod time and sorted
2020-12-07 Rosen Penevlibcxx[abi]: remove
2020-12-07 Stijn Tintelbuild: require rsync
2020-12-07 Stijn use -fPIC instead of -fpic on arm64
2020-12-07 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: remove redundant status for USB controllers
2020-12-07 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: simplify status for ehci/ohci on mt7628 TP...
2020-12-07 Damien Mascordath79: add support for Belkin F9J1108v2 (AC1750 DB...
2020-12-07 Sander Vanheulefirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: refactor meta-partit...
2020-12-07 Sander Vanheulefirmware-utils: tplink-safeloader: refactor meta-partit...
2020-12-06 Rosen Penevlzo: remove
2020-12-06 Rosen Penevmtd-utils: remove lzo build dependency
2020-12-06 Rui Salvaterrakernel: kmod-lib-zstd: enable crypto API support
2020-12-06 Nick Lowehostapd: Disable 802.11b data rates by default
2020-12-06 Álvaro Fernández... bcm63xx: fix ADB P.DG A4001N A-000-1A1-AX LEDs
2020-12-06 Daniele Castrobcm63xx: add support for Technicolor TG582n
2020-12-06 Daniele Castrobcm63xx: add support for Technicolor TG582n Telecom...
2020-12-06 Eneas U de... openssl: use --cross-compile-prefix in Configure
2020-12-06 Daniele Castrobcm63xx: add support for ADB P.DG A4101N A-000-1A1-AE
2020-12-06 Sven Roedererprocd: also depend on jshn
2020-12-06 Paul Spoorenbuild: reduce cleanup binary calls in
2020-12-05 Rosen Penevopenvpn: remove
2020-12-05 Rosen Penevopenvpn-easy-rsa: remove
2020-12-05 Hans Dedeckerglibc: update to latest 2.32 commit (BZ# 26224)
2020-12-05 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: update to git HEAD
2020-12-05 Felix Fietkaubuild: make testing kernel decompression more portable
2020-12-05 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove an unused callback from the ip17xx switc...
2020-12-05 Ahmed Naseefbcm63xx: Add support for D-Link DSL-2750u rev C1
2020-12-05 Daniele Castrobcm63xx: A4001N A-000-1A1-AX: remove PSI (nvram) partition
2020-12-05 Sieng Piaw... bcm63xx: support xmit_more in BQL
2020-12-05 Sieng Piaw... bcm63xx: add BQL support
2020-12-04 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: add support for TP-Link TL-WDR7500 v3
2020-12-04 John Audiakernel: bump 5.4 to 5.4.81
2020-12-04 Adrian Schmutzlerramips: drop redundant status for gpio/gpio0
2020-12-04 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: drop num-cs for SPI controller
2020-12-04 Adrian Schmutzlerath79: remove num-chipselects from SPI controller
2020-12-04 Daniel Golleprocd: output warning if user 'ubus' doesn't exist
2020-12-04 Daniel Golleubus: make sure ubusd starts in case user 'ubus' doesn...
2020-12-04 Mengyang Lix86: enable CONFIG_MMC_SDHCI_ACPI for x86_64
2020-12-04 Stan Grishinbase-files: informative service command in /etc/shinit...
2020-12-04 Daniele Castrobrcm63xx: add USB status LED in 01_leds for ADP P.DG...
2020-12-02 Hauke Mehrtensbuild: Extract
2020-12-02 Hauke Mehrtenstoolchain: musl: refresh patches
2020-12-02 David Bauerath79: remove ar934x MDIO reset from MAC node
2020-12-02 Sieng Piaw... bcm63xx: enetsw: switch to netdev_alloc_skb_ip_align
2020-12-02 Sieng Piaw... bcm63xx: batch process RX path
2020-12-02 Thomas Huehnath79: enable LNA for all ar9344 TPLink CPE devices
2020-12-02 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version
2020-12-02 John Crispinrealtek: fix SFP ports on the dlink 10port switch
2020-12-02 John Crispinrealtek: add zyxel_gs1900-10hp support
2020-12-02 John Crispinrealtek: cleanup package selection
2020-12-02 John Crispinrealtek: clean up board.json generation
2020-12-02 John Crispinbase-files: allow setting device and bridge macs
2020-12-02 John Crispinuboot-envtools: add support for the realtek target
2020-12-01 Paul SpoorenREADME: mv logo.svg include/logo.{png,svg}
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... ath79: restore sysupgrade support for ja76pf2 and route...
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... ath79: wlr-7100: remove device variant indicator
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... tegra: sysupgrade: write additional information to...
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... tegra: sysupgrade: use v function for writing logs
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: sysupgrade: write additional information to...
2020-12-01 Tomasz Maciej... mvebu: sysupgrade: use v function for writing logs
2020-11-30 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2020-11-30 Daniel Gollebusybox: add check for capabilities file
2020-11-30 Jan Pavlinecumdns: add check for seccomp list
2020-11-30 David Bauergeneric: ipeth: fix iOS 14 tethering
2020-11-30 Nick Lowehostapd: Add cell_density data rates option
2020-11-29 Huangbin Zhanbase-files: fix alias more to properly detect /usr...
2020-11-28 Aleksander... lantiq: fix build of squashfs images
2020-11-28 Pavel Chervontsevramips: add support for ASUS RT-N56U B1
2020-11-28 Álvaro Fernández... ath10k-firmware: remove unused package
2020-11-28 Álvaro Fernández... ath10k-ct-firmware: switch to linux-firmware board...
2020-11-28 Álvaro Fernández... linux-firmware: ath10k: add board firmware packages
2020-11-28 Petr Š, fix host builds using CMake and...