2017-09-28 Martin Schillerltq-vdsl: fix PM thread suspend and resume handling
2017-09-28 Magnus Krokenopenvpn: update to 2.4.4
2017-09-27 Stijn Tintelkernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.52
2017-09-27 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: update wpa_supplicant p2p config
2017-09-27 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: update wpa_supplicant mini config
2017-09-27 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: update wpa_supplicant full config
2017-09-27 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: update hostapd mini config
2017-09-27 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: update hostapd full config
2017-09-27 Hans Dedeckercurl: fix disable threaded resolver
2017-09-26 Stijn Tintelipset: replace patch that was reverted upstream
2017-09-25 Hauke MehrtensRevert "brcm47xx: Fix sysupgrade with E1200v1"
2017-09-25 Marko Ratkajuboot-mvebu: add OpenSSL compat patches
2017-09-25 Marko Ratkajuboot-mvebu: fix SETEXPR redefinition warning
2017-09-25 Marko Ratkajuboot-mvebu: add missing UBOOT_MAKE_FLAGS variable
2017-09-25 Stijn TintelRevert "toolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1"
2017-09-25 Stijn Tintelsamba36: add Package/samba/Default
2017-09-25 Stijn Tintelipset: bump to 6.34
2017-09-25 Ryan Mouncetoolchain/gdb: update to version 8.0.1
2017-09-25 Stijn Tintelcurl: bump to 7.55.1
2017-09-25 Stijn Tinteliperf: bump to 2.0.10
2017-09-24 Rosen Penevbrcm47xx: Fix sysupgrade with E1200v1
2017-09-24 Lucian Cristiansunxi: add Olimex A20-OLinuXino-LIME2-eMMC
2017-09-24 Marko Ratkajtools: flex: fix segfault with glibc 2.26+
2017-09-24 Philip Prindevillekernel: don't scrimp on memory on big iron
2017-09-22 James Christopher... kernel: kmod-usb-storage-uas
2017-09-22 Kevin Darbyshire... ramips: fix missing mediatek wdt
2017-09-21 Adrian Panellauhttp: update to latest version
2017-09-21 Hans Dedeckerlibubox: fix uloop race condition
2017-09-20 Stijn Tintelkernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.51
2017-09-20 Stijn Tintelarm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: depend on sunxi target
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91bootstrap: New package at91bootstrap
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D4 Xplained board
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D2 Xplained board
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... uboot-at91: Add support for SAMA5D3 Xplained board
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... uboot-at91: move BUILD_SUBTARGET from U-Boot/Default...
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91: Add UBI parameters for sama5d4.
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91: Add SAMA5D4 device
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91: Add SAMA5D2 device
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91: Install zImage.
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... build: add image command for installing zImage file.
2017-09-20 Sandeep Sheriker... at91: Renaming subtarget sama5d3 to sama5
2017-09-20 Philip Prindevillebuild: remove @ as it's causing an error
2017-09-20 Chen Minqiangipq-wifi: fix missing define of PKG_NAME
2017-09-20 Philip Prindevilleusbutils: avoid duplicating the git revision
2017-09-19 Sven Roedereropenvpn: add "extra-certs" option
2017-09-18 Lucian Cristiansunxi: add Olimex A20-OlinuXino-LIME2
2017-09-18 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: ft_over_ds support
2017-09-18 Lorenzo Santinahostapd: ft_psk_generate_local support
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensath10k-firmware: use firmware from git instead of extra...
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: Add A64 support with cortex53 subtarget
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: Backport patches from kernel 4.11 for A64
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: Backport patches needed for A64
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensuboot-sunxi: build A64 SoC and pine64 U-Boot
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensarm-trusted-firmware-sunxi: add new package
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: split into cortex A8 and A7 subtarget
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: fix build of rtc package when module not available
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensuboot-sunxi: revert the usage of binman
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensuboot-sunxi: do not depend on dtc being install on...
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtensuboot-sunxi: update to version 2017.07
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenssunxi: add support for kernel 4.9
2017-09-18 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add some config options
2017-09-18 Stijn Tintelrb532: drop 4.4 support
2017-09-18 Roman Yeryominrb532: add myself as maintainer
2017-09-18 Roman Yeryominrb532: switch to 4.9
2017-09-18 Roman Yeryominrb532: add support for 4.9
2017-09-18 Roman Yeryominrb532: set lan interface type to brigde
2017-09-18 Roman Yeryominrb532: increase kernel size limit
2017-09-18 Marcin Jurkowskidnsmasq: fix dhcp "ignore" option on wwan interfaces
2017-09-18 Hans Dedeckerbase-files: fix wan6 interface config generation for...
2017-09-18 Stijn Tintelkernel: update 4.9 to 4.9.50
2017-09-17 Florian Fainellikernel: update to 3.18.71
2017-09-17 Stijn Tinteltcpdump: noop commit to refer CVEs fixed in 4.9.2
2017-09-17 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: make iwlwifi select AC support
2017-09-17 Hauke Mehrtenslinux-firmware: pack Intel iwl FW separately
2017-09-17 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: add dev_coredumpm() function
2017-09-17 Daniel Engbergkernel: kmod-btmrvl: Add kmod-mmc as dependency
2017-09-16 Florian Fainelligeneric: drop 704-phy-no-genphy-soft-reset.patch
2017-09-16 Florian Fainellidnsmasq: Pass TARGET_CPPFLAGS to Makefile
2017-09-16 Florian Fainelliarmvirt: Enable CONFIG_ARM_PMU
2017-09-16 Henryk Heisigmvebu: WRT3200ACM: add bluetooth module
2017-09-16 Henryk Heisigkernel: bluetooth: add marvell sdio bluetooth module
2017-09-16 Henryk Heisiglinux-firmware: update to the commit from 2017-09-06
2017-09-16 Daniel Engbergutils/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.6
2017-09-16 Philip Prindevillekernel: add packaging for Xeon iTCO watchdog timer
2017-09-16 Kabuli Chanamwlwifi: update to version / 2017-08-10
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleanlibs/wolfssl: bump to version 3.12.0 ; add myself as...
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleanlibs/wolfssl: adjust symbol defaults against libwolfssl...
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleanlibs/wolfssl: disable hardening check in `settings.h`
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleancyassl,curl,libustream-ssl: rename every `cyassl` to...
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleanlibs/wolfssl: add libcysassl to PROVIDES field (for...
2017-09-16 Alexandru Ardeleanwwan: json format in some modem definitions
2017-09-16 Daniel Engbergtools/e2fsprogs: Update to 1.43.6
2017-09-16 Daniel Engbergtools/expat: Update to 2.2.4
2017-09-16 Kevin Darbyshire... toolchain: gcc: update 7.x to 7.2.0
2017-09-16 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: update 4.4 to 4.4.88
2017-09-16 Karl Palssonodhcpd: don't enable server mode on non-static lan...
2017-09-15 Jiawei Wangramips: fix used MAC addresses for Phicomm K2P
2017-09-13 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: update to git HEAD version
2017-09-13 Kristian Evensenramips: fix D240 mini-PCIe power control GPIOs
2017-09-13 Maxim Anisimovramips: add support for TP-Link Archer C20 v1