2018-12-18 Yousong Zhouscripts/ avoid adding dup names in provides...
2018-12-18 Stijn Tintelstrace: fix build on aarch64
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerodhcpd: bump to git HEAD (detect broken hostnames)
2018-12-18 Alexander Couzenshostapd: fix build of wpa-supplicant-p2p
2018-12-18 Felix Fietkaubuild: add support for enabling the rootfs/boot partiti...
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... ppp: remove hardcoded lcp-echo-failure, lcp-echo-interv...
2018-12-18 Paul Wassibase-files: provide more tolerant xterm detection
2018-12-18 Tuomas Tynkkynenbrcm47xx: Enable USB power on WNDR3400v3
2018-12-18 Keith Wongkernel: add kmod-tcp-bbr
2018-12-18 Daniel Engberglibbsd: Update to 0.8.7
2018-12-18 Martin Schillerkernel: fix kmod-gpio-mcp23s08 for linux 4.14
2018-12-18 Martin Schillerx86/64: enable X86_INTEL_LPSS to select PINCTRL
2018-12-18 Hauke Mehrtensx86: geode: Add missing config options
2018-12-18 Martin Schillerx86/geode: enable X86_INTEL_LPSS to select PINCTRL
2018-12-18 Alex Macleanx86: add UHCI and XHCI USB host drivers to 4.14
2018-12-18 Thomas Langerbuild: Unset CDPATH to avoid problems
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerdropbear: backport upstream fix for CVE-2018-15599
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevsamba36: Enable umdnsd support
2018-12-18 Luiz Angelo... base-files: create /etc/ethers by default
2018-12-18 Daniel Engbergmwlwifi: Update to
2018-12-18 Stijn Tintelfirewall: bump to git HEAD
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinbase-files: add function to get mac as text from flash
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinbase-files: use consistent coding style
2018-12-18 Thibaut VARÈNEbase-files: make wifi report unknown command
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: apply IPv6/ND configuration earlier
2018-12-18 Eneas U de... ustream-ssl: update to latest git HEAD
2018-12-18 Paul Spoorenimagebuilder: manifest function show stderr
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... scripts: avoid hard Time::HiRes dependency
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... build: remove GNU time dependency
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... iwinfo: update to latest Git HEAD
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... wolfssl: disable broken shipped Job server macro
2018-12-18 Alexandru Ardeleanwolfssl: remove myself as maintainer
2018-12-18 Luiz Angelo... openvpn-easy-rsa: update to 3.0.4
2018-12-18 Daniel Gimpelevichkernel: package x86-optimized crypto-misc modules
2018-12-18 Rosy Songbase-files: do not add relevant sections & options...
2018-12-18 Andreas Zieglerbase-files: sysupgrade: abort if config backup fails
2018-12-18 Chen Minqiangbase-files: fix HOME_URL replace
2018-12-18 Rosy Songinclude: add netdev family support for nftables
2018-12-18 Andy Walshncurses: install lib on host build
2018-12-18 Dmitry Tuninigmpproxy: drop SSDP packets
2018-12-18 Daniel Engberginclude/ Add sc to failure message
2018-12-18 Dmitry Tuninigmpproxy: add a silent logging option
2018-12-18 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: exit if writing kernel during sysupgrade fails
2018-12-18 Christo Nedevbrcm2708: Update brcm2708-gpu-fw package
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinkernel: don't auto attach ubi on read error
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinkernel: handle bad blocks in ubi auto attach code
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinkernel: improve ubi auto attach code readability
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... build: do not override CCACHE_DIR when ccache is disabled
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... build: fix gcc/g++ SetupHostCommand...
2018-12-18 Felix Fietkauhostapd: remove unused struct hostapd_ubus_iface
2018-12-18 Luiz Angelo... base-files: fix wrong sysctl parameter order
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinhostapd: fix conflicts hell
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinhostapd: cleanup package definition
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... openvpn: increase procd termination timeout to 15s
2018-12-18 Peter Wagnerlibrpc: add host build to install h files needed for...
2018-12-18 李国 quote SUBMAKE options
2018-12-18 Felix Fietkaukernel: replace bridge port isolate hack with upstream...
2018-12-18 Felix Fietkaukernel: adjust bridge port isolate patch to match upstr...
2018-12-18 Hannu Nymantools/ccache: update to 3.4.2
2018-12-18 Hannu Nymantools/cmake: update to 3.11.4
2018-12-18 Yousong fixup when PKG_SOURCE is defined...
2018-12-18 Kevin Darbyshire... build: ASLR hardening use $(FPIC)
2018-12-18 Kevin Darbyshire... toolchain: gdb: enable TUI
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerebtables: update to latest git 2018-06-27
2018-12-18 Levramips: fix wizfi630a swapped lan/wan port
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevusbutils: Switch to Fedora usbutils
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevsamba36: Disable external libtdb and libtevent
2018-12-18 Alexander Couzensswconfig: swlib_map_settings(): change return type...
2018-12-18 Alexander Couzensswconfig: fix un-initialized return value
2018-12-18 Jo-Philipp... build: include package directory in sha256sums when...
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinbase-files: add menuconfig option for HOME_URL
2018-12-18 Alin Nastacnetfilter: add bpf match support
2018-12-18 Yousong Zhoudropbear: let opkg manage symlinks of ssh, scp
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerbusybox: udhcpc: replace udhcpc_no_msg_dontroute patch...
2018-12-18 Magnus Krokenbusybox: update to 1.28.4
2018-12-18 Rosy Songnftables: bump to version 0.9.0
2018-12-18 Rosy Songlibnftnl: bump to version 1.1.1
2018-12-18 Rafał Miłeckibase-files: exit if mtd write command fails during...
2018-12-18 Mathias Kresinramips: mt7621: fix mtu setting with kernel 4.14
2018-12-18 Felix Fietkaukernel: avoid flow offload for connections with xfrm...
2018-12-18 Denton Gentryhostapd: make cli treat UNKNOWN COMMAND as failing
2018-12-18 Daniel Golleramips: fix reboot with W25Q256 with 4-address-mode...
2018-12-18 Hans Dedeckerebtables: update to latest git 2018-06-06
2018-12-18 Ted Hessscripts: Replace obsolete POSIX tmpnam in slugimage...
2018-12-18 Ivan Shapovalovnetifd: drop conflicting 'device' interface property
2018-12-18 Kevin Darbyshire... nettle: bump to 3.4
2018-12-18 Yousong Zhouca-certificates: ca-bundle: add symlink for openssl...
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevcurl: Add ca-bundle dependency
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevcurl: Use ca-bundle for all TLS libraries.
2018-12-18 Rosen Penevath10k-firmware: Fix QCA6174 support
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollehostapd: properly build hostapd-only SSL variants
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollehostapd: update packaging and patches
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollehostapd: convert ssl provider build options to variants
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollehostapd: update to git HEAD of 2018-05-21, allow build...
2018-12-18 Daniel Golleustream-ssl: fix build against wolfSSL
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollewolfssl: change defaults to cover wpa_supplicant needs
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollewolfssl: add PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS symbols
2018-12-18 Daniel Gollewolfssl: update to version 3.14.4
2018-12-18 Rodolfo Giomettipackage sysfsutils: add support for sysfs settings...
2018-12-18 Tomasz Maciej... kernel: merge kmod-fbcon with kmod-fb