2018-07-30 Jo-Philipp... OpenWrt v18.06.0: adjust config defaults v18.06.0
2018-07-30 Jo-Philipp... Revert "ar71xx: define switch for rb-952ui-5ac2nd"
2018-07-30 Thibaut VARÈNEar71xx: define switch for rb-952ui-5ac2nd
2018-07-30 Paul Spoorenimagebuilder: add function to show manifest
2018-07-30 张鹏ar71xx:add support for E750G v8
2018-07-30 张鹏ar71xx:add support for E750A v4
2018-07-30 张鹏ar71xx:add support for E558 v2
2018-07-30 Christian Lamparterbrcm2708: split sdcard.img.gz into a sysupgrade and...
2018-07-30 Jo-Philipp... base-files: gracefully handle missing netwo...
2018-07-30 Nick Hainkeiwinfo: update to version 2018-07-24
2018-07-30 John Crispiniwinfo: bump to latest git HEAD
2018-07-30 Thibaut VARÈNEar71xx: rbspi: fix RB wAP AC gpio conflict and LED
2018-07-30 Thibaut VARÈNEar71xx: add missing diag LED support for RB wAP 2nD
2018-07-30 Jo-Philipp... brcm47xx: rework model detection
2018-07-29 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: revert SPI controller commit breaking flash...
2018-07-28 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to dnsmasq v2.80test3
2018-07-28 Hans Dedeckerdnsmasq: don't use network functions at boottime (FS...
2018-07-28 Kevin Darbyshire... dnsmasq: bump to latest patches on 2.80rc2
2018-07-27 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: revert upstream commit breaking BCM4718A1
2018-07-27 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: backport brcmfmac fixes & debugging helpers...
2018-07-26 Jo-Philipp... odhcpd: update to latest git HEAD
2018-07-26 Jo-Philipp... ubus: update to latest git HEAD
2018-07-26 Hans Dedeckerfirewall: update to latest git HEAD and build with LTO
2018-07-25 John Crispinubus: update to latest git HEAD
2018-07-25 John Crispinlibubox: update to latest git HEAD
2018-07-25 Aleksandr V... wireguard-tools: add wireguard_watchdog script
2018-07-25 Jason A. Donenfeldwireguard: bump to 0.0.20180718
2018-07-25 Jason A. Donenfeldwireguard: bump to 0.0.20180708
2018-07-21 Jo-Philipp... build: do not alter global default package selection...
2018-07-21 Tim SmallWDR4900v1 remove dt node for absent hw crypto.
2018-07-21 Kevin Darbyshire... iproute2: tc: backport canonical cake support
2018-07-20 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix compile error when a package includes itself...
2018-07-19 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: fix sata access freezes
2018-07-18 Luiz Angelo... base-files: fix wrong sysctl parameter order
2018-07-18 Kevin Darbyshire... igmpproxy: run in foreground for procd
2018-07-17 Jo-Philipp... mediatek: fix parallel build issues in image build...
2018-07-16 Rafał Miłeckimtd: improve check for TRX header being already fixed
2018-07-16 Rafał Miłeckimtd: support bad blocks within the mtd_fixtrx()
2018-07-16 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: bump to 20180716
2018-07-16 Tony Ambardarqos-scripts: fix uci callback handling
2018-07-16 Tony Ambardarbase-files: fix UCI config parsing and callback handling
2018-07-16 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: fix usb-otg on 4.14
2018-07-15 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: add noserverunicast config option for broken...
2018-07-15 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: update to latest git HEAD
2018-07-15 Hans Dedeckerodhcp6c: user string option support
2018-07-15 David Baueripq40xx: add get_status_led to
2018-07-15 Jo-Philipp... OpenWrt v18.06.0-rc2: revert to branch defaults
2018-07-15 Jo-Philipp... OpenWrt v18.06.0-rc2: adjust config defaults v18.06.0-rc2
2018-07-15 Jo-Philipp... uhttpd: update to latest Git head
2018-07-14 Matthias Schifferinclude/ explicitly check for -f flag...
2018-07-14 Matthias Schifferinclude/ fix kernel rebuild on backport...
2018-07-14 Felix Fietkaukernel: backport page fragment API changes from 4.10...
2018-07-13 Kevin Darbyshire... kernel: gen_stats: Fix netlink stats dumping in the...
2018-07-13 Felix Fietkauramips: clean up and fix MT7621 NAND driver issues
2018-07-13 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2018-07-13 Felix Fietkauramips: ethernet: use own page_frag_cache
2018-07-13 Felix Fietkauramips: ethernet: use skb_free_frag to free fragments
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferinclude/ rework generation of opkg distfeeds...
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferbase-files: fix feed list in PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferinclude/ always add available feeds to PACKAGE...
2018-07-12 Matthias Schifferscripts/feeds: add src-dummy method
2018-07-12 Peter Lundkvistramips: TP-Link TL-WR902AC v3: add missing wps button
2018-07-12 Peter Lundkvistramips: TP-Link TL-WR902AC v3: don't build factory...
2018-07-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.54 for 18.06
2018-07-12 Koen Vandeputtekernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.111 for 18.06
2018-07-12 Koen Vandeputtemac80211: Expose support for ath9k Dynack
2018-07-10 Rafał Miłeckikernel: bcm47xxpart: fix getting user-space data partit...
2018-07-08 Sven Eckelmannmac80211: initialize sinfo in cfg80211_get_station
2018-07-08 Sven Eckelmannath10k-ct: search DT for BDF variant info
2018-07-07 Kevin Darbyshire... wireguard: bump to 0.0.20180625
2018-07-07 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest 20180706
2018-07-07 Kevin Darbyshire... kmod-sched-cake: bump to latest cake
2018-07-07 Kevin Darbyshire... iproute2: tc: update support for cake
2018-07-03 Aleksandr V... ipq806x: fix numbering for Netgear R7800 LAN ports
2018-07-03 Mathias Kresinlantiq: backport stp-xway get callback implementation
2018-07-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: fix target metadata scan dependencies
2018-07-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: ensure that iwinfo is selected when building...
2018-07-03 Felix Fietkauramips: limit dictionary size for lzma compression
2018-07-02 Stijn Segerskernel: bump 4.14 to 4.14.52 for 18.06
2018-07-02 Stijn Segerskernel: bump 4.9 to 4.9.110 for 18.06
2018-06-27 Andrey Jr.... ramips: move mt7620n i2c_pins definition to right place
2018-06-27 Hannu Nymanipq806x: remove "firmware" partition definition from...
2018-06-27 Hannu Nymanipq806x: Enlarge R7800 flash - use netgear partition
2018-06-27 INAGAKI Hiroshiramips: add switch port index for I-O DATA WN-GX300GR
2018-06-26 Alberto Bursiuboot-kirkwood: fix malformed boot configuration
2018-06-26 John Crispinmac80211: make rtl8xxxu build again
2018-06-26 John Crispinmac80211: rtl8xxxu: drop support patches
2018-06-24 Sven Roedererbase-files: fix links in banner.failsafe
2018-06-24 Matthias Schiffermusl: sys/socket.h: fix SO_PEERSEC value on MIPS
2018-06-23 Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: Add support for TP-Link CPE210 v2
2018-06-23 Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: Add TP-Link Pharos v2 board detection
2018-06-23 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: backport brcmfmac changes from kernel 4.18
2018-06-23 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: backport brcmfmac firmware & clm_blob loading...
2018-06-23 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: backport brcmfmac data structure rework
2018-06-23 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: backport "brcmfmac: cleanup and some rework...
2018-06-23 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: fix NAND partitions on D-Link DIR-885L
2018-06-22 Jo-Philipp... build: change defaults to OpenWrt
2018-06-22 Jo-Philipp... OpenWrt v18.06.0-rc1: revert to branch defaults
2018-06-22 Jo-Philipp... OpenWrt v18.06.0-rc1: adjust config defaults v18.06.0-rc1
2018-06-22 Jo-Philipp... Revert "LEDE v18.06.0-rc1: adjust config defaults"