2022-04-20 Hauke MehrtensOpenWrt v22.03.0-rc1: adjust config defaults v22.03.0-rc1
2022-04-20 Eneas U de... wolfssl: fix compilation with /dev/crypto
2022-04-20 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing config symbols
2022-04-19 Jo-Philipp... netfilter: move nf-log modules into separate packages
2022-04-19 Hauke Mehrtenstoolchain: Update glibc 2.34 to recent HEAD
2022-04-19 Ray Wangramips: add support for OrayBox X3A
2022-04-19 Martin Kennedyrealtek: add ZyXEL GS1900-24HP v1 support
2022-04-19 Andrew Powers... ath79: add support for Sophos AP100/AP55 family
2022-04-19 Ryan Mounceath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD 962UiGS...
2022-04-19 Tamas Baloghramips: add support for ASUS RT-AC1200-V2
2022-04-19 Abdul Aziz... ramips: add support for BOLT! Arion
2022-04-19 Davide Fioravantiramips: add support for Wavlink WL-WN531A3
2022-04-19 Stijn TintelRevert "kernel: backport MT7530 VLAN fix"
2022-04-18 David Musilath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD wAP-2nD...
2022-04-18 Thibaut VARÈNEmac80211: fix QCA9561 PA bias
2022-04-17 David Bauermpc85xx: move Extreme WS-AP3825i GPIO extender
2022-04-17 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Remove patch for kernel 5.15
2022-04-17 Rosen Penevreadline: add host PIC
2022-04-17 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.111
2022-04-17 Hauke Mehrtenslinux-firmware: Update to version 20220411
2022-04-17 Martin Blumenstingllantiq: fritz736x: Move GPIO resets to the inidvidual...
2022-04-17 Cezary Jackiewiczcomgt: support ZTE MF286R modem
2022-04-17 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: try to detect interface for ttyACM ports
2022-04-17 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: select first available network interface...
2022-04-17 Lech Perczakcomgt: ncm: allow specification of interface name
2022-04-17 Lech Perczakkernel: backport ZTE RNDIS bogus MAC address fix
2022-04-17 Ansuel Smithipq806x: fix wrong CPU OPP for ipq8062
2022-04-17 Rodrigo Balerdiipq806x: fix USB bug in 5.10 dtsi additions
2022-04-17 Rodrigo Balerdiipq806x: remove non-working fixes for USB bug in 5...
2022-04-17 Petr Štetiarbuild: target: improve UX of CONFIG_TARGET handling
2022-04-16 David Bauerhostapd: add ubus link-measurements notifications
2022-04-16 David Bauerhostapd: add ubus method for requesting link measurements
2022-04-16 David Bauerhostapd: add support for enabling link measurements
2022-04-16 David Bauermpc85xx: overhaul WS-AP3825i LED setup
2022-04-15 Daniel Golleimage: strip metadata from images when used in other...
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollemtools: update to version 4.0.39
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollescripts/ fix order of files in...
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollenetifd: relax check in dhcp proto handler
2022-04-15 Daniel Golleprocd: update to git HEAD
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollebase-files: more robust sysupgrade on NAND
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollescripts/ generate reproducible...
2022-04-15 Daniel Gollescripts/ make ext4 bootfs reproducible
2022-04-15 Eneas U de... mediatek/mt7622: enable accelerated crypto drivers
2022-04-15 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: add support for Yuncore A930
2022-04-15 Thibaut VARÈNEath79: add support for Yuncore XD3200
2022-04-13 Hauke Mehrtenstoolchain: musl: Update to version 1.2.3
2022-04-12 Felix Fietkaumac80211: backport minstrel_ht fix for legacy rates
2022-04-11 Rosen Penevmusl-fts: add host build
2022-04-11 Felix Matouschekkernel: Fix oob layout of XTX XT26G0xA
2022-04-11 Felix Matouschekkernel: Fix readid method of XTX XT26G0xA
2022-04-11 Eneas U de... nftables: add CONFLICT between versions
2022-04-11 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Update to version 5.15.33-1
2022-04-11 Eneas U de... wolfssl: bump to 5.2.0
2022-04-10 Daniel Golleimagebuilder: export SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to environment
2022-04-10 Daniel Gollearm-trusted-firmware-mediatek: remove no longer needed...
2022-04-10 Daniel make sure include directory...
2022-04-10 John Audiakernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.110
2022-04-10 Ray Wangipq40xx: add RT-AC2200 alternative name to RT-AC42U...
2022-04-10 Joe Mullallyath79: Move TPLink WPA8630Pv2 to ath79-tiny target
2022-04-10 Konstantin... dropbear: bump to 2022.82
2022-04-10 Nick Hainkelibmnl: update to 1.0.5
2022-04-10 Nick Hainkelibnfnetlink: update to 1.0.2
2022-04-10 Andrey Erokhingpio-button-hotplug: fix data race
2022-04-10 Rosen Penevtools/meson: update to 0.61.4
2022-04-10 leo chungtools/cmake: fix download url
2022-04-10 Daniel Gollelibselinux: add missing host-build dependency on libsep...
2022-04-10 Valentyn Datskodnsmasq: add procd interface index tracking
2022-04-10 Rosen Penevlibselinux: use musl-fts for host builds
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91: Automatically detect USB feature
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91/sama7: Do not build in Bluetooth
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91/sama7: Use ext4 driver for ext2 and ext3
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91/sama7: Deactivate certification and key system
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91/sama7: Do not activate cgroups and namespaces
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtensat91/sama7: Remove config options build as module
2022-04-07 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: bump 5.10 to 5.10.109
2022-04-06 Daniel Gollescripts: make sure sort-order is independent from locale
2022-04-06 Daniel Gollekernel: set SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for initramfs root dir
2022-04-06 Paul Spoorenbuild: store sha256_unsigned in JSON
2022-04-06 Daniel Gollekernel: fix initramfs reproducibility
2022-04-06 Stijn Tintelimage: let mksquashfs4 use all processors
2022-04-06 Paul Spoorenscripts: make sure conffiles are sorted
2022-04-06 Paul Spoorentoolchain: reproducible libstdcpp
2022-04-05 Paul Spoorengrub2: add missing license
2022-04-05 Stijn Tintelqoriq: enable support for Marvell Alaska PHYs
2022-04-05 Daniel Gollekernel: load device-mapper early on boot
2022-04-05 Piotr Dymaczkernel: modules: drop 'AddDepends/bluetooth' calls
2022-04-05 Hauke Mehrtensbusybox: Fix snprintf arguments in lock
2022-04-04 Qichao Zhangbusybox: fix busybox lock applet pidstr buffer overflow
2022-04-04 Huangbin Zhanbuild: autotools: fix cache path
2022-04-04 Rosen Penevpcre: disable shared libraries for host builds
2022-04-04 Rosen Penevmusl-fts: remove shared libraries from host
2022-04-04 Christian Lamparterkernel: mark CONFIG_PSTORE_COMPRESS_DEFAULT as "is...
2022-04-04 Andre Heideripq40xx: add support for FRITZ!Box 7520
2022-04-04 Stijn Tintelgettext-full: add gmsgfmt symlink in host install
2022-04-04 Robert Markouboot-mvebu: backport patch to fix eMMC
2022-04-03 Stijn TintelRevert "octeon: mark source-only"
2022-04-03 Stijn Tintelkernel: backport pgalloc memory leak fix
2022-04-01 Stijn Tintelocteon: mark source-only
2022-03-31 Jan-Niklas... ath79: migrate Archer C5 5GHz radio device paths
2022-03-30 Matthias Schifferath79: fix label MAC address for Ubiquiti UniFi AP...