ipq40xx: nvmem pre-cal cells for EZVIZ CS-W3-WD1200G EUP
[openwrt/staging/chunkeey.git] / config / Config-images.in
2021-08-22 Stijn Tintelbase-files: add option to make /var persistent
2021-06-20 李国grub2: make grub2-bios-setup as a separate package
2021-06-19 Paul Fertserbuild: Config-images: fix unit of partition sizes
2021-02-28 Daniel Golletreewide: fix spelling 'seperate' -> 'separate'
2021-02-25 Daniel Golleimage: improve Kconfig for seperate ramdisk option
2021-02-24 Daniel Golleimage: allow building FIT and uImage with ramdisk
2021-02-16 Felix Fietkaubuild: make zstd initramfs selectable
2021-02-05 Paul Spoorenbuild: use SPDX license tags
2020-09-02 Adrian Schmutzlerrb532: drop target
2020-08-30 Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: drop target
2020-06-15 Christopher Hillath79: add support for MikroTik RouterBOARD 493G (rb4xx...
2020-03-31 李国x86: generate EFI platform bootable images
2020-03-21 Paul Spoorenx86: switch image generation to new code
2020-02-14 Adrian Schmutzlerbrcm2708: rename target to bcm27xx
2019-09-21 Matthias Schifferbuild: set TARGET_ROOTFS_PARTSIZE to make combined...
2019-07-14 Álvaro Fernández... brcm2708: add linux 4.19 support
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: enable gzipped images for armvirt and malta
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: make TARGET_ROOTFS_PARTSIZE 128MiB by default
2019-06-25 Petr Štetiarbuild: remove TARGET_IMAGES_PAD option
2019-05-15 Stijn Segerslantiq/xrx200: enable initramfs images
2019-04-06 Tomasz Maciej Nowakmvebu: make bootfs size for sdcard image configurable
2019-02-17 Tomasz Maciej Nowakbuild: remove leftovers from previous x86 commits
2019-01-31 Andre Heideromap: fix build without ext4 rootfs
2019-01-24 Christian Lamparterbrcm2708: boot-part feature integration
2019-01-01 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: sata: boot-part feature integration
2018-09-29 Andre Heidersunxi: fix build without ext4 rootfs
2018-09-03 Felix Fietkaubuild: add support for enabling the rootfs/boot partiti...
2018-07-30 Kjel Delaeyx86: add support to set GRUB menu entry title
2018-07-12 Alex Macleanconfig: extend small_flash feature
2018-01-13 Koen Vandeputteconfig: support new symbol intro'd in kernel 4.12
2017-10-13 Chris Blakempc85xx: Enable initramfs for p1020 subtarget
2017-07-06 Felix Fietkaubuild: enable gzipping of images on x86 even if ext4...
2017-04-03 Philip Prindevillebuild: allow specifying flow-control to grub on serial...
2017-02-17 David Woodhousex86: Set default baud rate on Geode images to 115200
2016-12-15 Felix Fietkaux86: revert default root size back to 256 MB
2016-11-24 Felix Fietkauuml: clean up the kernel config and add squashfs+ext4...
2016-11-09 Felix Fietkaux86: bump default kernel partition size to 16M
2016-10-27 Jo-Philipp Wichconfig: ext4: increase x86 rootfs size to 2GB to suppor...
2016-10-27 Jo-Philipp Wichconfig: ext4: drop option to set maximum number of...
2016-09-08 Felix Fietkauimages: bump default rootfs size to 256 MB
2016-09-02 Josua Mayermvebu: add sdcard image creation script
2016-07-25 Christian Lamparterapm821xx: use lzma compression for the initramfs images
2016-07-20 Felix Fietkauconfig: remove options for including kernel/dtb in...
2016-07-20 Felix Fietkaubuild: make TARGET_ROOTFS_JFFS2 depend on USES_JFFS2
2016-05-12 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove leftover dependenices on TARGET_rdc
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaux86: clean up default grub baudrate settings
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove leftover olpc support code
2015-03-24 Jo-Philipp Wichx86: use PARTUUID instead explicitly specifying the...
2014-10-27 Jo-Philipp Wichconfig: use PARTUUID by default on x86_64
2014-09-13 Hauke MehrtensKconfig: Various typo/grammar/line-length fixes in...
2014-07-20 Felix Fietkaux86: add back a line accidentally removed in r41763
2014-07-20 Felix Fietkaux86: remove the arbitrary limitation of vmware/virtualb...
2014-06-24 John Crispinconfig/Config-images.in: enable zlib as the default...
2014-06-02 Felix Fietkaubuild: set default squashfs block size to 64k for low...
2014-06-02 Felix Fietkaubuild: make the squashfs block size configurable
2014-06-02 John Crispinconfig/Config-images.in: the ext4 series introduced...
2014-06-02 John Crispinimage: ext4: rename config options as these are only...
2014-06-02 John Crispinimage: ext4: allow creation of a journaling filesystem
2014-06-02 John Crispinimage: ext4: allow to choose a block size for the rootfs
2014-06-02 John Crispinimage: ext4: move ext4 specific options into submenu
2014-05-13 Jo-Philipp Wichconfig: don't use /dev/vda2 for kvm guest, its not...
2014-01-07 Imre Kalozadd x86_64 target support
2014-01-07 Imre Kalozvirtualbox emulates the e1000 for a long time now
2014-01-07 Imre Kalozmove most of the x86 image generation options to the...
2013-11-22 Imre Kalozmove menuconfig options into separate files