firewall: Allow IGMP and MLD input on WAN
[openwrt/staging/chunkeey.git] / tools /
2015-05-04 Imre Kaloztools/pkg-config: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 Imre Kaloztools/autoconf: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-04 Imre Kaloztools/sed: fix compile on musl hosts
2015-05-01 Jo-Philipp Wichmake-ext4fs: avoid using libc internal declarations
2015-04-20 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: drop unused genext2fs
2015-04-20 Jo-Philipp Wichall: replace genext2fs with make_ext4fs
2015-04-03 Felix Fietkautools: build ccache when building the sdk (fixes #13949)
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkautools: replace ipkg-utils with a reduced ipkg-build...
2015-03-27 Zoltan Herpaitools: build mtools and dosfstools for mxs
2015-03-24 Jo-Philipp Wichautomake: portability fixes
2015-03-24 Jo-Philipp Wichautoconf: portability fixes
2015-03-22 Felix Fietkaudosfstools: switch back to release tarballs, update...
2015-03-20 Felix Fietkautools: add back and update mm-macros, it is required...
2015-03-17 Felix Fietkautools: remove leftover dependency line
2015-03-17 Felix Fietkautools: remove a bunch of unused automake macros
2015-03-15 Felix Fietkautoolchain: remove leftovers from old llvm-gcc experiments
2015-03-15 Felix Fietkaudosfstools: fix build on OS X
2015-03-15 Felix Fietkaudosfstools: update to v3.0.27
2015-03-15 Felix Fietkaupatch: bump GNU patch to 2.7.5
2015-03-12 Mirko Vogtdisable silent-rules by default
2015-03-12 Mirko VogtDo not use $(V) - force AM_V=1
2015-02-27 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: do not align squashfs rootfs start
2015-02-27 Jonas Gorskifirmware-utils: imagetag: use cyg_crc32 instead of...
2015-02-24 John Crispinar71xx: TL-WA7210n v2 support
2015-02-24 Felix Fietkaumtools: fix build errors on mac os x (#19064)
2015-02-19 Felix Fietkautools/patchelf: fix portability issue breaking mac...
2015-02-10 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: add patchelf host build
2015-02-06 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: remove static linking support
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: Fix cmake build on FreeBSD 10.1
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: Fix mkimage build on FreeBSD 10.1
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: Fix mpfr build on FreeBSD 10.1
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: Fix xz build on FreeBSD 10.1
2015-02-05 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: remove PrepareCommand macros
2015-02-02 John Crispinar71xx: Revert "added board support for compex wpj558"
2015-02-02 John Crispinadded board support for compex wpj558
2015-01-20 John Crispinar71xx: add support for TL-WA701ND v2
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: libtool relocatable fixes
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: bootstrap libtool to pickup the correct in-tree...
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: bootstrap automake to pickup the correct in...
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: add dummy scripts for help2man and makeinfo
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: change automake depends to libtool depends
2015-01-13 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: make libtool depend on automake, not vice versa
2015-01-11 Nicolas Thilldosfstools: update to 3.0.26
2015-01-10 Florian Fainellitools: edimax_fw_header: fix suspicious memset usage
2015-01-09 Felix Fietkautools/firmware-utils: add version 3 header support...
2015-01-09 Jo-Philipp Wichtools: automake: update to v1.15
2014-12-28 Felix Fietkautools: build libtool after autoconf, not before (fixes...
2014-12-22 Felix Fietkautools/mtd-utils: add mirror md5sum
2014-12-20 Felix Fietkaubuffalo-enc: pass the longstate option to decryption
2014-12-20 Felix Fietkaubuffalo-enc: accept the longstate command line option
2014-12-17 Imre KalozBelkin AC 1750 DB (F9K1115v2) support
2014-12-07 John Crispinramips: generate factory images for Nexx devices
2014-12-01 Felix Fietkaumkimage: remove check for miscompiled __weak
2014-11-30 Felix Fietkautools/mkimage: fix build errors (#18445)
2014-11-30 Felix Fietkaugengetopt: fix parallel build issues (#18442)
2014-11-30 Imre Kalozadd gengetopt
2014-11-29 Luka Perkovmkimage: update to 2014.10
2014-11-27 Felix Fietkaufirmware-utils: remove dependency on error.h in tplink...
2014-11-26 John Crispinfirmware-utils: add new tool tplink-safeloader for...
2014-10-29 John Crispinramips: add support for A5-V11 board (resubmit)
2014-10-26 Felix Fietkaufindutils: add dependency on bison
2014-10-25 Felix Fietkautools: Fix compilation on x32 host
2014-10-20 Felix Fietkaufirmware-utils: rename encrypt()/decrypt() in mkhilinkf...
2014-10-20 Felix Fietkautools: revert faulty dependency on package stuff
2014-10-20 John Crispinfirmware-utils: restore compilation of mkhilinkfw.
2014-10-20 John Crispinfirmware-utils: fix compilation warnings.
2014-10-16 Jo-Philipp Wichfirmware-utils: allow passing a specific MBR signature...
2014-10-12 Felix Fietkautools/mtd-utils: fix a segfault in parsing the device...
2014-10-09 Steven Barthautoconf: bump version to 2.69
2014-10-08 John Crispininclude/ Add download mirrors for tools...
2014-10-06 John Crispinfirmware-utils: add NEXX factory image support
2014-09-16 Felix Fietkautools: add missing ldconfig make dependency on the...
2014-09-11 Felix Fietkautools: install a fake empty ldconfig script to prevent...
2014-09-08 Felix Fietkautools: fix mtools/dosfstools related build system warnings
2014-09-07 Zoltan Herpaitools: build dosfstools and mtools for sunxi
2014-08-29 Felix Fietkautools/libtool: add missing dependency on m4
2014-08-27 Felix Fietkautools/bc: add missing dependency on bison
2014-08-27 Felix Fietkautools/flex: disable building shared
2014-08-08 Luka Perkovmkimage: update to 2014.07
2014-08-03 John Crispinfirmware-utils: made mkdir615h1 work for all Senao...
2014-07-27 Jonas Gorskifirmware-utils: add new tool for fixing headers on...
2014-07-13 Gabor Juhosfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add support for GL.iNet v1
2014-07-12 Hauke Mehrtensb43-tools: manually remove LP-PHY...
2014-07-12 Hauke Mehrtensb43-tools: add new firmware files
2014-07-02 Hauke Mehrtensb43-tools: update to version 019
2014-06-24 John Crispinfirmware-utils/mkdir615h1: fix magic XOR calculation
2014-06-17 John Crispinlantiq: DGN3500 (all known variants) factory and sysupg...
2014-06-16 John Crispinramips: RT-N56U support fixes and factory image creation
2014-06-02 John Crispintools: genext2fs: add support for blocksize != 1024
2014-05-21 Luka Perkovmkimage: update to 2014.04
2014-05-09 Luka Perkovquilt: update to 0.63
2014-04-22 John Crispinfirmware-utils: add Gemtek header tool
2014-04-19 Luka Perkovscons: upgrade to 2.3.1
2014-04-19 Luka Perkovmpc: upgrade to 1.0.2
2014-04-19 Luka Perkovflex: upgrade to version 2.5.39
2014-04-12 John Crispinsparse: add as a new package selectable from the config
2014-03-27 Gabor Juhosfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add support for TL-WDR4300v1...
2014-03-27 Gabor Juhosfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add support for the Oolite...
2014-03-27 Gabor Juhosfirmware-utils/mktplinkfw: add an option to generate...
2014-03-12 Felix Fietkauflex: fix build error due to undefined library symbols