2014-09-26 Steven Barthcomgt: fireup a dhcpv6-client for directip as well
2014-09-26 Felix Fietkaucomgt: in directip, derive the wwan ifname automaticall...
2014-09-26 Steven Barthdnsmasq: bump to 2.72
2014-09-25 Florian Fainellirealview: add protocol argument to ucidef_set_interface_raw
2014-09-25 Florian Fainellibase-files: add a protocol argument to ucidef_set_inter...
2014-09-25 Steven Barthodhcpd: fix segfault when parsing domain options in UCI
2014-09-25 Felix Fietkaucurl: only set ca path for openssl
2014-09-25 Felix Fietkaucurl: use the system certificates
2014-09-25 Felix Fietkauca-certificates: create symbolic link for certificate...
2014-09-24 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: add a patch that fixes booting problems
2014-09-24 Felix Fietkaucomgt: initialize ifname for directip
2014-09-24 Felix Fietkaucomgt: add no_device=1 for directip proto
2014-09-24 Felix Fietkaucomgt: fix misplaced : in directip setup script
2014-09-23 Felix Fietkauustream-ssl: select polarssl as default variant, skip...
2014-09-23 Felix Fietkaubuild: allow packages with build variants to explicitly...
2014-09-23 Felix Fietkauar71xx: ar8216: tagged+untagged on ar8327 (#12181)
2014-09-23 Felix Fietkauar71xx: ar8216: move policies, pvid to setup_port
2014-09-23 Zoltan Herpaimxs: remove 3.13
2014-09-23 Zoltan Herpaimxs: disable mmc debugging
2014-09-22 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: image: use IMG_PREFIX for chk images
2014-09-22 Steven Barthdnsmasq: fix lockup when interfaces disappear
2014-09-22 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: image: make filesystem a suffix for TRX files
2014-09-22 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: image: document arguments of various functions
2014-09-22 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: image: rework Makefile and merge some functions
2014-09-22 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: enable GPIO_SYSFS
2014-09-21 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: activate vfpv3 support
2014-09-21 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: add nand flash driver
2014-09-21 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: update patches adding bcma support
2014-09-21 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: add fixtrx
2014-09-21 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: add support for GPIOs
2014-09-21 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: rename console fixing patch
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add AXP209 to pcDuino3
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: enable AXP209 on BananaPi as well
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: enable AXP209 regulator
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaimodules: fix typo in package description define
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add sunxi-ir module
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add support for infra receiver on A20, along...
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaikernel: add missing symbols for 3.14
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: remove 3.13 support
2014-09-21 Zoltan Herpaipackages: enable AP mode on r8188eu
2014-09-20 Felix Fietkautoolchain: remove another bogus copy of libiberty.a
2014-09-19 Jo-Philipp... firewall: allow '*' as synonym for any / all in family...
2014-09-19 John Crispinramips: D-Link DIR-810L. Add support for SoC 2.4 GHz...
2014-09-19 John Crispinlantiq: set 3.14 as default
2014-09-19 John Crispinralink: drop dwc_otg support. dwc2 seems stable
2014-09-19 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: update gmac with adding correct regulators on...
2014-09-19 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: backport late clock fixes from 3.15
2014-09-18 Steven Barthnetfilter: fix a typo in TTL-match module
2014-09-18 Jo-Philipp... firewall: fix heap corruption in fw3_bitlen2netmask...
2014-09-18 Jo-Philipp... script/remote-gdb: enable and keep command history
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: update dts for pcduino3 and bananapi with regulators
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add usb ohci support
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add default interface for bananaPi
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add missing symbol for arch timer
2014-09-17 Jo-Philipp... firewall: fix invalid memory access when processing...
2014-09-17 Rafał Miłeckikernel: fix backport of bcma init patch
2014-09-17 Steven Barthnetfilter: some more dependency hell fixes
2014-09-17 Steven Barthnetfilter: fix dependencies of kmod-ipt-nat6
2014-09-17 Nicolas Thillnetfilter: add missing symbol to disable nft_queue
2014-09-17 Steven Barthnetfilter: remove redundant CONFIG_IP_NF_IPTABLES
2014-09-17 Steven Barthnftables: introduce experimental nftables
2014-09-17 Steven Barthlibnftnl: Add nftables libnftnl
2014-09-17 Steven BarthReorganize netfilter kernel modules and package nftable...
2014-09-17 Felix Fietkauubus: update to latest version, adds various fixes...
2014-09-17 Jo-Philipp... sdk: predefine kernel version magic
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add arm arch timer support
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaimodules: allow building rtl8188eu on 3.14
2014-09-17 Zoltan Herpaiuboot-sunxi: add PSCI support for bringing up secondary...
2014-09-17 John Crispinhostapd: do not remove foreign wpa_supplicant sockets
2014-09-16 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option
2014-09-16 Felix Fietkautools: add missing ldconfig make dependency on the...
2014-09-16 John CrispinLantiq: fix build warning from dsl_fs script
2014-09-16 John Crispinlantiq: move the lantiq,switch property into the interf...
2014-09-16 Steven Barthlibmnl: add some upstream fixes
2014-09-16 John Crispinubox: update to latest git
2014-09-16 John Crispinpostinst trigger: the new postinst trigger broke IB
2014-09-16 John Crispinfs-tools: dont use mips16
2014-09-15 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add new watchdog compats to reboot code in 3.14
2014-09-15 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: update profile of A13-OLinuXino to match uboot...
2014-09-15 John Crispinlantiq: revert vr9 driver update as it causes problems
2014-09-15 John Crispinkernel-build: fix STRIP_KERNEL_EXPORTS for recent kernels
2014-09-15 Felix Fietkauhostapd: remove bogus default setting for wps_pin ...
2014-09-15 John Crispinar71xx: add qihoo 360 c301 router support
2014-09-15 John Crispinlantiq: fix switch init on vr9 SoC (3.10)
2014-09-15 John Crispinlantiq: fix switch init on vr9 SoC
2014-09-15 John Crispinar71xx: add board support for ubnt loco m xw
2014-09-15 John Crispinar71xx: refactor ubnt xw board setup
2014-09-15 John Crispininclude: remove file before overwritting it with replac...
2014-09-15 John Crispiniproute2: update from v3.15.0 to v3.16.0
2014-09-15 John Crispinprocd: update to latest git HEAD
2014-09-15 John Crispinlantiq: add default switch setup to td8970
2014-09-15 Steven Barthlibreadline: bump to 6.3
2014-09-14 Luka Perkovbase-files: whitespace fixes
2014-09-14 Hauke Mehrtensbcm53xx: fix early serial console
2014-09-14 Rafał Miłeckikernel: update bcma to the tag master-2014-09-11 (wirel...
2014-09-14 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option
2014-09-14 Rafał Miłeckikernel: move bcma patches pushed to wireless-next
2014-09-14 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: add sdcard image generation support when board...
2014-09-14 Zoltan Herpaisunxi: rename pcduino profile to match uboot boardname...
2014-09-14 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: add missing config option