ath79: add support for TP-Link EAP245-v3
[openwrt/staging/stintel.git] / package /
11 days ago Martin Schilleropenvpn: fix shell compare operator in openvpn.init
11 days ago Felix Fietkaumac80211: update encap offload patches to the latest...
11 days ago Jason A. Donenfeldwireguard: bump to 1.0.20200908
11 days ago Daniel Gollehostapd: add UCI support for Hotspot 2.0
11 days ago Daniel Gollenetifd: update to git HEAD
13 days ago Paul Spoorendropbear: Enable Ed25519 for normal devices
13 days ago Rosen Penevutil-linux: Fix build when libmagic is present
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtenswolfssl: Activate link time optimization (LTO)
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtensiw: Update to version 5.8
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtensnftables: Activate link time optimization (LTO)
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtenslibnftnl: Activate link time optimization (LTO)
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtensjansson: Activate link time optimization (LTO)
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtensnftables: Update to version 0.9.6
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtenslibnftnl: Update to version 1.1.7
13 days ago Hauke Mehrtensjansson: Update to version 2.13.1
2020-09-06 Adrian Schmutzlerath25: add back target support
2020-09-05 Christian Lamparterbase-files: support label-property-less in get_dt_leds
2020-09-05 Hans Dedeckerppp: update to latest git HEAD
2020-09-05 David Bauerfirewall: bump to latest HEAD
2020-09-04 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add preliminary support for enabling 802...
2020-09-04 Daniel Gollelibselinux: package executables into -utils
2020-09-03 Russell Morrisramips: add support for HooToo HT-TM05
2020-09-02 Rosen Penevpolicycoreutils: add
2020-09-02 Adrian Schmutzlerkernel: remove obsolete kernel version switches for...
2020-09-02 Adrian Schmutzlersamsung: drop target
2020-09-02 Adrian Schmutzlerath25: drop target
2020-09-02 Magnus Krokenmbedtls: update to 2.16.8
2020-09-01 Walter Soniusbase-files: fix comment typo in lib/functions/
2020-09-01 Daniel Gollehostapd: add hs20 variant
2020-09-01 Felix Fietkaumac80211: remove an obsolete patch that is no longer...
2020-09-01 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add more AQL fixes/improvements
2020-09-01 Daniel Gollerefpolicy: skip building docs
2020-09-01 Daniel Gollelibaudit: add host-build required by policycoreutils...
2020-09-01 Daniel Gollelibsemanage: host-build depends on renamed libaudit...
2020-09-01 Hauke Mehrtensugps: update to the latest version
2020-09-01 Hauke Mehrtensfstools: update to the latest version
2020-09-01 John Crispinuboot-mediatek: update to latest version
2020-08-31 Daniel Gollelibaudit: drop unused file
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: opkg-key variable key folder
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenpx5g-wolfssl: cleanup Makefile and SPDX license
2020-08-31 Daniel Gollelibsemanage: add missing package metadata
2020-08-31 Daniel Golleaudit: build only libaudit
2020-08-31 Hauke Mehrtensstrace: Update to version 5.8
2020-08-31 Rosen Penevutil-linux: update to 2.36
2020-08-31 Rosen Penevlibcxx: update to 10.0.0
2020-08-31 Rosen Penevlibcxxabi: add
2020-08-31 Daniel Gollecheckpolicy: build-depend on libselinux
2020-08-31 Daniel Gollepolicycoreutils: fix i18n depends
2020-08-31 Michael Prattath79: add support for Senao Engenius ENH202 v1
2020-08-31 Michael Prattath79: add support for Senao Engenius ENS202EXT v1
2020-08-31 Daniel Gollelibsemanage: new package
2020-08-31 Thomas Petazzoniaudit: new package
2020-08-31 Tony Ambardarbpftools: add utility and library packages supporting...
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: switch VERSION_REPO to HTTPS
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorentreewide: https for sources
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbuild: store SourceDateEpoch in manifest
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenbusybox: Use PKG_FILE_MODES for SUID
2020-08-31 Daniel Golleopkg: update to git HEAD
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenpx5g: rename to px5g-mbedtls
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenpx5g-wolfssl: add package
2020-08-31 Paul Spoorenwolfssl: add certgen config option
2020-08-31 Hans Dedeckernghttp2: move to packages.git
2020-08-31 Thomas Petazzonirefpolicy: new package
2020-08-31 Thomas Petazzonicheckpolicy: new package
2020-08-31 Thomas Petazzonipolicycoreutils: new package
2020-08-30 Sven Wegenerleds: add activity led trigger kernel module package
2020-08-30 Hauke Mehrtensethtool: Update to version 5.8
2020-08-30 Hauke Mehrtensiproute2: Update to version 5.8
2020-08-30 Hauke Mehrtensmac80211: Fix potential endless loop
2020-08-30 Adrian Schmutzlerar71xx: drop target
2020-08-30 Aaron Goodmanwireguard-tools: add tunlink option for hostroute
2020-08-27 Paul Spoorencurl: move package to packages.git
2020-08-27 Hauke Mehrtenshostapd: Fix compile errors after wolfssl update
2020-08-26 Hauke Mehrtensmtd-utils: Update to version 2.1.2
2020-08-26 Hauke Mehrtenswolfssl: Update to version 4.5.0
2020-08-26 Hauke Mehrtenscurl: Use wolfssl by default
2020-08-26 Hauke Mehrtenscurl: Fix build with wolfssl
2020-08-25 Adrian Schmutzleruboot-at91: harmonize indent in Makefile
2020-08-25 Adrian Schmutzlerat91bootstrap: harmonize indent in Makefiles
2020-08-25 Adrian Schmutzlerat91: introduce vendor_model scheme and drop board...
2020-08-25 Sandeep Sheriker Muboot-at91: bump version to linux4sam-2020.04
2020-08-25 Sandeep Sheriker Mat91bootstrap: bump version to v3.9.3
2020-08-25 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2020-08-24 Hauke Mehrtensfirewall: Fix PKG_MIRROR_HASH
2020-08-24 Magnus Krokenmbedtls: update to 2.16.7
2020-08-24 Rosen Penevexfat: update to 5.8.7
2020-08-24 mohammad rasimkernel: add ar5523 driver
2020-08-24 Josef Schlehoferipset: update to version 7.6
2020-08-24 Josef Schlehoferlinux-firmware: add support for Marvell SDIO 8997
2020-08-24 Josef Schlehoferlinux-firmware: update to version 20200817
2020-08-24 Adrian Schmutzlerkernel: set WATCHDOG_CORE dependency in kmod-hwmon...
2020-08-23 Daniel Gollebusybox: fix typo in Makefile
2020-08-23 Paul Spoorenf2fs-tools: add selinux variant
2020-08-23 Paul Spoorenbusybox: add selinux variant
2020-08-23 Hans Dedeckernat46: update to latest git HEAD
2020-08-23 Hans Dedeckercurl: disable zstd support
2020-08-22 Felix Fietkaumt76: update to the latest version
2020-08-22 Felix Fietkaumac80211: rework encapsulation offload support
2020-08-21 Josef Schlehofercurl: update to version 7.72.0
2020-08-21 Felix Fietkaumac80211: add missing return code checks in AQL improve...