toolchain: switch to musl by default, except for mips64
[openwrt/staging/wigyori.git] / target /
2015-06-15 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing config symbol (#19870)
2015-06-15 Felix Fietkauar71xx/image: move ubnt images to new BuildCode
2015-06-15 Felix Fietkauar71xx/image: add build step mkubntimage2 mkubntkerneli...
2015-06-15 Felix Fietkauar71xx/image: new build step Build/mkubntimage for...
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauar71xx: return limit as number of processed frames...
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauar8216: Fix problem with AR8337 MAC swap handling
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauar71xx: Add pll_1000 value for eth0 to Ubiquiti Rocket...
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauoxnas: change file extension of u-boot+initramfs image
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix mac offset in firmware file
2015-06-14 Felix Fietkauar71xx: fix 100/10mbps ethernet link issues on mynet...
2015-06-11 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: fix A4001N image padding size
2015-06-10 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: update NVRAM driver to MIPS version from upstr...
2015-06-10 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: backport BCM47XX patches (NVRAM & BCMA_HOST_PCI)
2015-06-10 Jonas Gorskib53: fix memory out of bounds access on 64 bit targets
2015-06-10 Jonas Gorskib53: widen stp state mask to 3 bits (instead of 2)
2015-06-08 Felix Fietkauramips: fix Power LED handling for WHR-300HP2, WHR...
2015-06-08 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport config-related bcma patches from 4.2
2015-06-07 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: backport the latest 4.2 ARM BCM5302X patches
2015-06-07 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: refresh kernel config
2015-06-07 Felix Fietkaukernel: move a symbol from the ipq806x config to generi...
2015-06-07 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove NAND flash related kmod-* packages
2015-06-07 John Crispinralink: add missing symbol
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: refresh kernel config
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: fallback to default_do_upgrade if NAND upgrade...
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: drop useless shift in
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: sysupgrade: drop useless shift in
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: extract TRX from image on the fly
2015-06-06 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: sysupgrade: extract TRX partitions directly...
2015-06-05 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: update NVRAM driver to support getting contents
2015-06-05 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: backport MIPS BCM47XX changes queued for 4.2
2015-06-05 John Crispinar71xx: fix AR71XX_MODEL for TP-Link TL-WA830RE v1
2015-06-05 John Crispinramips: Add support for RT5350F-OLinuXino V2
2015-06-05 John Crispinbrcm47xx: extract TRX from image on the fly
2015-06-05 John Crispinlantiq: Backport gpio-stp-xway to fix the highest bits...
2015-06-05 John Crispinlantiq: Add support for Arcadyan VGV7510KW22 (known...
2015-06-05 Felix Fietkauramips: improve tx clean up and add fe_tx_ring struct
2015-06-05 Felix Fietkauramips: change ethernet napi interrupt sequence
2015-06-05 Felix Fietkauramips: fix ethernet vlan tx offload support check...
2015-06-05 Felix Fietkauramips: fix the memory map on FireWRT
2015-06-05 Felix Fietkaukernel: adjust mips highmem offset to avoid the need...
2015-06-04 Felix Fietkauramips: use highmem on the FireWRT board
2015-06-04 Felix Fietkauramips: enable highmem support for mt7621
2015-06-04 Felix Fietkauramips: remove prompt of the USB_MT7621_XHCI_PLATFORM...
2015-06-03 John Crispinlantiq: Make the CRC32 poly value configurable per...
2015-06-03 John Crispinipq806x: missing symbol
2015-06-02 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: fix livebox image generation
2015-06-01 John Crispinipq806x: move stmmac support in the kernel binary
2015-06-01 Jonas Gorskibrcm63xx: delete uncompressed kernels after use
2015-06-01 Jonas Gorskilantiq: fix VG3503J rootfs offset
2015-06-01 Jo-Philipp Wichimagebuilder: create cache directory if needed (#18629)
2015-06-01 Rafał Miłeckikernel: backport ssb fix for WRT350N v1 (BCM4705) reboots
2015-06-01 John Crispinau1000: add a missing dependency to the pcmcia module
2015-05-31 John Crispinmalta: add default network configuration
2015-05-30 Felix Fietkauar71xx: use Image/BuildLoaderPatched for TPLINK-SAFELOA...
2015-05-30 Felix Fietkauar71xx: add Image/BuildLoaderPatched macro
2015-05-30 John Crispinlantiq: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-30 John Crispinkernel: upstream fix: mount overlayfs r/o if workdir...
2015-05-30 Felix Fietkauramips: fix swapped colors for router LED on WHR-1166D...
2015-05-30 Felix Fietkauramips: rename status led to wifi on WHR-300HP2, WHR...
2015-05-29 Felix Fietkauramips: fix buttons on WHR-300HP2, WHR-1166D, WHR-600D
2015-05-29 Felix Fietkauramips: extract MAC address on WHR-300HP2, WHR-1166D...
2015-05-29 Felix Fietkauramips: fix partition layout of WHR-300HP2, WHR-1166D...
2015-05-29 Felix Fietkauramips: implement sysupgrade support for whr-300hp2
2015-05-29 Jonas Gorskiixp4xx: use usb-*-pci where appropriate
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichsunxi: correct default package selection, fixes imagebu...
2015-05-29 Felix Fietkauar71xx: use Image/BuildKernel/Initramfs template to...
2015-05-29 John Crispingeneric: mount overlayfs r/o if workdir cannot be created
2015-05-29 John Crispinipq806x: replace caf nss-gmac driver by upstream stmmac
2015-05-29 John Crispinipq806x: enable kernel support for Fixed PHY emulation
2015-05-29 John Crispinkernel: add missing STMMAC options in generic configs
2015-05-29 John Crispinipq806x: move arm-gic include into pcie patch
2015-05-29 John Crispinixp4xx: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 John Crispinbrcm2708: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 John Crispinipq806x: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 John Crispingemini: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 John Crispinocteon: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 John Crispinramips: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichau1000/au1550: fix profile package list
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichau1000/au1550: enable pcmcia support flag
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichau1000: fix kmod-pcmcia-au1000
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichmxs: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-29 Jo-Philipp Wichx86/64: add e1000e to the default packages
2015-05-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: image: fix typo in Asus WL-500gP v2 fw file...
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichau1000: use instead of objcopy, fixes...
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichar7: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichat91: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichxburst: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichmalta: fix imagebuilder
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp WichIB: make CONFIG_IB_STANDALONE the default
2015-05-28 Jo-Philipp Wichfeeds: use common macro "FeedSourcesAppend" to populate...
2015-05-28 Felix Fietkauadm5120: fix subtarget dependency for kmod-pata-rb153-cf
2015-05-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: add LEDs/buttos for Asus N10U
2015-05-28 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: drop 4.0 patch that is in 4.0.4
2015-05-27 John Crispinramips: dont set illacc to y by default
2015-05-27 John Crispinipq806x: add missing symbol
2015-05-27 John Crispinramips: diable ill_acc driver by default
2015-05-27 Imre Kalozmvebu: make flashing more safe
2015-05-27 Rafał Miłeckibcm53xx: build images for Asus devices
2015-05-27 Rafał Miłeckibrcm47xx: build images for Asus devices
2015-05-27 Jo-Philipp Wichsunxi: use common image prefix