update xl2tpd to 1.1.11, fix opt flags, rename ppp related config files, cleanup
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1 OpenWRT Package for xl2tpd
3 xl2tpd is a development from the original l2tpd package originally written by
4 Mark Spencer, subsequently forked by Scott Balmos and David Stipp, inherited
5 by Jeff McAdams, modified substantially by Jacco de Leeuw and then forked
6 again by Xelerance (after it was abandoned by l2tpd.org).
8 Rationale for inclusion in OpenWRT:
10 l2tpd has some serious alignment problems on RISC platforms. It also runs
11 purely in userspace.
13 Some of the features added in this fork include:
15 1. IPSec SA reference tracking inconjunction with openswan's IPSec transport
16 mode, which adds support for multiple clients behind the same NAT router
17 and multiple clients on the same internal IP behind different NAT routers.
19 2. Support for the pppol2tp kernel mode L2TP.
21 3. Alignment and endian problems resolved.
23 hcg