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[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / obsolete-buildroot / README
1 This is a modified uClibc buildroot, customized to build OpenWRT.
3 If you already have the linksys tarball (check make/ for the
4 version used), then move/copy/symlink it into sources/dl. At the
5 moment (2004/03/05) I'm using wrt54gv2.2.02.2.tgz.
7 Simply running 'make' will build openwrt-code.bin and a tarball of
8 the kernel modules. Customizations of the kernel, uClibc, and busybox
9 are possible by modifying the appropriate config files in source.
10 Copies of the stock openwrt Makefile, uClibc.config, busybox.config,
11 are included with a '-openwrt' suffix.
13 Remember that different configurations of uClibc may not be binary
14 compatible. Also, uClibc is not necessarily binary compatible between
15 versions. In particular, dynamicly linked applications and libraries
16 built with the linksys/broadcom toolchain are NOT binary compatible
17 with current uClibc.
19 Manuel Novoa III
23 2004/03/16 Added patch to support boardtype of bcm94710ap.
24 Updated resetmon patch as per mbm.
25 Set busybox and uClibc snapshots to known good versions.
27 2004/03/30 Switch to wrt54gs.2.07.1.tgz as the base tarball.
28 Start grabbing the (updated) root skeleton from openwrt cvs.
29 Add busybox applets: passwd and nameif.
30 Update snapshots of buildroot, uClibc, and busybox.
31 Fix broken /var symlink.
33 2004/03/31 Replace diag_led.c with mbm's rewrite.
34 Create code.bin files for both 'G' and 'GS' units.
35 Update busybox for sed fix.
37 2004/05/08 Add busybox applets: chown, chgrp, lsmod, sysctl
38 Remove: ipaddr, iplink, iproute
39 Update snapshots of buildroot, uClibc, busybox, netfilter.
41 .. more changes as yet undocumented ..