disable mrd6, compile is broken
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / package / mrd6 / Config.in
1 config BR2_PACKAGE_MRD6
2 prompt "mrd6.............................. IPv6 multicast routing daemon"
3 tristate
4 default n
5 help
6 Multicast is becoming a major component in next generation
7 networks, used in several scenarios, from video broadcasting
8 to multimedia conferencing. In order to be implemented, new
9 technology needs supporting hardware and software across a set
10 of devices and systems. MRD6 is an implementation of a modular
11 IPv6 Multicast Routing Framework for the Linux operating system
12 and provides MLDv2 (as well as MLDv1), PIM-SM and MBGP support.
14 http://artemis.av.it.pt/mrd6/