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[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / package / syslog-ng /
2 prompt "syslog-ng......................... A powerful syslog daemon"
3 tristate
4 default n
5 help
6 syslog-ng reads and logs messages to the system console, log
7 files, other machines and/or users as specified by its
8 configuration file.
10 The configuration file is read at startup and is reread after
11 receipt of a hangup (HUP) signal. When reloading the
12 configuration file, all destination files are closed and
13 reopened as appropriate. For more information about the
14 configuration file, see syslog-ng.conf(5).
16 Typically messages are sent to syslog-ng via a Unix domain
17 socket (/dev/log) or via UDP, to port 514 or to whatever
18 syslog/udp is defined to be in /etc/services. To receive
19 messages from the kernel, /dev/klog is opened for reading.
21 Messages sent to syslog-ng should be an entire line, prefixed
22 by a pri- ority code in between '<' and '>'. Definititions
23 of the recognised values can be found in the include file
24 <sys/syslog.h>.
26 syslog-ng can be configured to pass messages on to other
27 syslog-ng's and when doing so, it sends the message on with the
28 priority as a pre- fix.