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1 OpenWRT on the Sony PS3 Game Console
3 The OpenWRT build will create both a 1st stage PS3-Linux image
4 suitable for programming into the PS3 flash memory, and a 2nd
5 stage PS3-Linux image suitable for loading via bootloaders or
6 the kexec utility.
8 The 2nd stage image is convenient for testing new builds. It can
9 be loaded from disk, USB device, or the network by an existing
10 Other OS bootloader. After the 2nd stage image is tested and
11 found to be good, the 1st stage image can then be programmed into
12 flash memory. It is recommended to use this method during
13 development to avoid corrupting the flash memory contents, which
14 requires a reboot to the Game OS to repair.
16 Known good Other OS bootloader images and installation information
17 can be found here:
21 The 2nd stage image file is bin/openwrt-ps3-vmlinux.elf. It can
22 be loaded with an entry in the bootloader config file. It has
23 no initrd file.
25 The 1st stage image is named bin/otheros.bld. It can be programmed
26 into flash memory either from Linux or the Game OS. From Linux,
27 use the command:
29 ps3-flash-util -w otheros.bld
31 From the Game OS, use the menu item 'Install Other OS'.
33 Tips on how to recover your PS3-Linux system when it hangs up or no
34 longer boots can be found here:
38 To alter the kernel command line options, run 'make kernel_menuconfig'
39 and go to 'Kernel Options' -> 'Initial kernel command string'.
41 The default video behavior is to autodetect the monitor capabilities,
42 which should work for most monitors. More info on video modes can be
43 found in the man page of the ps3-video-mode utility.