opennhrp: Enable parallel build
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / Xorg / app /
2010-10-02 Michael Büschpwrtray: Add missing PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
2010-10-02 Michael Büschpwrtray: Add fix backend-only compile
2010-10-02 Michael Büschpwrtray: Split package into frontend and backend. This...
2010-10-02 Michael Büschpwrtray: Major bugfixes
2010-10-01 Michael Büschpwrtray: Fix CPU hog bug
2010-09-30 Michael Büschpwrtray: Improve screen and device locking
2010-09-30 Michael BüschAdd me as maintainer for certain packages.
2010-09-26 Michael Büschpwrtray: Add support for FB blanking
2010-09-26 Michael Büschpwrtray: Update to support lock button
2010-09-11 Michael Büschpwrtray: Make LCD dimming working properly
2010-09-10 Michael Büschpwrtray: Start daemon in background
2010-09-09 Michael Büschpwrtray: Update.
2010-08-26 Michael Büschpwrtray: Add qt4-gui dep
2010-08-23 Michael Büschpwrtray: Add n810 battery support
2010-08-20 Michael BüschAdd "pwrtray" application package
2010-08-19 Michael BüschAdd GPXView Geocaching application
2010-08-12 Michael Büschremove lxpanel
2010-08-12 Michael BüschAdd lxpanel
2010-03-24 Stephen Walker[packages] add missing & update current urls
2010-03-19 Stephen Walker[packages] dillo: use the new repo, per lists.auriga...
2010-02-19 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] eterm: Don't add host lib and include paths.
2010-02-19 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] Add missing md5sums
2010-02-19 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] Add missing libtool fixups
2009-10-15 Mirko Vogtadd gtk2 performance testing tool <gtkperf>
2009-07-05 Mirko Vogtprovide icon and *.desktop-file for xterm
2009-06-13 Hauke Mehrtens[packages] Various Makefile cleanups.
2009-05-30 Lars-Peter Clausen[package] xdm: Cleanup the package and update it to...
2009-05-29 Felix Fietkaudillo: add multiple missing dependencies
2009-05-21 Andy Boyett[packages] Xorg/apps/xdm: add missing libX11 libXmu...
2009-05-13 Nicolas Thill[packages] qwo: fix build (closes: #4936)
2009-04-29 Nicolas Thill[packages] massive change: replace occurences of -I...
2009-04-29 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] xine-ui: remove dependency to libnotimpl
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkaunuke $Id$ in /packages as well
2009-03-16 Mirko Vogtdillo requires libXft
2009-03-09 Mirko Vogtadded dillo2 - a lightweight webbrowser based on fltk2
2009-03-09 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate xterm to 242.
2009-03-09 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate xterm to 242.
2009-02-23 Mirko Vogtadded libXaw as dependency to xmessage
2009-02-11 Mirko Vogtadding terminal emulator rxvt
2009-02-08 Mirko Vogtadded qwo
2009-02-07 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] make xclipboard depend on libXaw
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkaufix eterm compile on avr32
2008-12-09 Mirko Vogtseperate xorg-tree from other x11-stuff
2008-12-09 Mirko Vogtmove window-managers to own directory and create own...
2008-12-09 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd x11perf.
2008-12-01 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup xorg packages dependencies.
2008-11-29 Lars-Peter ClausenFix matchbox linking.
2008-11-29 Lars-Peter ClausenFix matchbox linking.
2008-11-29 Mirko Vogte17 update (svn r37637 -> svn r37860)
2008-11-27 Andy Boyett[packages] Xorg: cleanup enlightenment packages
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd xrandr package.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd xauth package.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenFix dependencies.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenFix dependencies.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenFix dependencies.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd xinit package.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup xeyes package.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup xsetroot package.
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate xset to 1.0.4
2008-11-20 Lars-Peter ClausenPut each xserver(xorg,kdrive-xvesa,kdrive-xfbdev) into...
2008-11-16 Mirko Vogt - update to Xorg X11R7.4 and reorganization of the...