[packages] tslib: Don't use freed device string.
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / Xorg / driver / xf86-input-tslib / patches /
2009-10-19 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] tslib: Don't use freed device string.
2009-10-19 Lars-Peter ClausenMake tslib compile with xserver-1.7
2009-06-01 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] make xf86-input-tslib compile with XInput...
2009-04-25 Lars-Peter ClausenClose tslib device when the module is unloaded. Closes...
2009-04-12 Mirko Vogtfix previous fix
2009-04-12 Mirko VogtDon't try to get randr rotation if randr is not initalised.
2009-02-18 Lars-Peter ClausenTransform touchscreen coordinates according to randr...
2009-02-01 Lars-Peter ClausenSome stability and cleanup patches.