add c++-bindings for gtk2
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / Xorg / lib /
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtadd c++-bindings for gtk2
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtadd c++-bindings for pango
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtadd c++ bindings for cairo
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtmake use of feature-flag "drawing backend" to choose...
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtbump version, make use of feature-flag "drawing backend"
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtmake use of feature-flag "drawing backend" - link cairo...
2009-11-12 Mirko Vogtdowngrade gtk2 as in more recent versions directfb...
2009-10-31 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] Update cairo to 1.8.8
2009-10-31 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] Update pixman to 0.16.2
2009-10-10 Mirko Vogtbump gtk2-version, some minor adjustments
2009-09-02 Felix Fietkauadd a new package for intltool (host only) to get rid...
2009-09-02 Felix Fietkauwnck: remove dependency on gdk-pixbuf-csource
2009-09-02 Felix Fietkaugtk2: we no longer need libgtk2.0-dev to be installed...
2009-07-05 Felix Fietkauwnck: add missing dependency
2009-07-05 Felix Fietkauxine-lib: add missing dependency on freetype
2009-06-13 Hauke Mehrtens[packages] Various Makefile cleanups.
2009-06-04 Lars-Peter Clausen[package] libwnck: fix minor typo.
2009-05-29 Felix Fietkauxine-lib: add missing dependency
2009-05-29 Felix Fietkaumesa: disable all dri drivers except for swrast for...
2009-05-29 Felix Fietkaumesa: add missing dependency on libexpat
2009-05-25 Lars-Peter Clausen[package] libwnck needs gdk-pixbuf-csource installed...
2009-05-14 Andy Boyett[packages] Require* calls must now be placed before...
2009-05-08 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate libwnck package to 2.26.1 and move it to the...
2009-04-29 Nicolas Thill[packages] massive change: replace occurences of -I...
2009-04-29 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] gtk1: remove dependency to libnotimpl
2009-04-29 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] imlib2: remove dependency to libnotimpl
2009-04-24 Nicolas Thill[packages] xcbproto: don't include python packaging...
2009-04-24 Felix Fietkauxcbproto: make python support conditional (auto-detecte...
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkaunuke $Id$ in /packages as well
2009-03-09 Mirko Vogtadded fltk2 (Fast Light Toolkit)
2009-03-06 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate pixman to 0.14
2009-03-06 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate python to 2.6.1.
2009-02-23 Mirko Vogtvte requires intltool-update as host tool
2009-02-12 Mirko Vogtadd missing dependency libnotimpl to package gtk1
2009-01-09 Lars-Peter ClausenMerge menuconfig Xorg libs and libraries section.
2009-01-04 Lars-Peter ClausenRetain symlinks. $(INSTALL_*) copys the contens of...
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauuse conditional dependencies in vte as well
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkauuse the fixed up conditional dependencies to get rid...
2009-01-02 Felix Fietkautslib does not build on linux 2.4
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter ClausenSome minor cleanups.
2008-12-31 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd DISPLAY_SUPPORT dependency to mesa dri modules.
2008-12-30 Lars-Peter ClausenFix typo in build dependency list.
2008-12-29 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd libpthread-stubs and xcbproto.
2008-12-29 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd libxcb.
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauadd gtk2 fix by larsc
2008-12-16 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate cairo to 1.8.6
2008-12-15 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd mesa packages.
2008-12-14 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd some dependecies to gtk2 which are optional but...
2008-12-14 Lars-Peter ClausenBuild all pango backends.
2008-12-09 Mirko Vogtseperate xorg-tree from other x11-stuff
2008-12-09 Mirko Vogtmove efl-libs to own directory
2008-12-09 Mirko Vogtdisable gnutls-support in ecore and eet
2008-12-02 Lars-Peter ClausenRemove doubled libtool fixup which was commited by...
2008-12-02 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd PKG_FIXUP:=libtool
2008-12-02 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd PKG_FIXUP:=libtool
2008-12-02 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd libXdamage package.
2008-12-01 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup xorg packages dependencies.
2008-11-30 Mirko Vogtadded "PKG_FIXUP = libtool" to fix linking-issues again...
2008-11-28 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup libmatchbox package.
2008-11-27 Andy Boyett[packages] Xorg: cleanup enlightenment packages
2008-11-27 Lars-Peter ClausenFix libXft dependencies.
2008-11-26 Jens MueckeAdd missing dependency to imlib2
2008-11-23 Lars-Peter ClausenPut libXmuu into its own package.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter ClausenInstall headers in DevInstall rather then install.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd libpciaccess.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter ClausenAdd libXi.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter ClausenCleanup pixman package.
2008-11-17 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate vte to 0.17.4
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate gtk2 to 2.14.4
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate librsvg to 2.22.3
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate cairo to 1.8.2
2008-11-16 Lars-Peter ClausenUpdate pango to 1.22.2
2008-11-16 Mirko Vogtupgrade to 2.1.13
2008-11-16 Mirko Vogt - update to Xorg X11R7.4 and reorganization of the...