fixes cvs download, signed-off by Bruno Randolf
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / include /
2008-08-27 John Crispinfixes cvs download, signed-off by Bruno Randolf
2008-08-24 Felix Fietkaureplace the deprecated git-* command calls with git *
2008-07-31 Felix Fietkauallow packages to forcibly disable the svn/git mirror...
2008-07-12 Florian FainelliSVN checkouts should be made non-interactive, so that...
2008-01-02 Florian FainelliFix typo
2008-01-02 Florian FainelliAdd CVS download method #2947
2007-11-16 Felix Fietkauprefer http downloads over svn/git checkouts, remove...
2007-11-16 Felix Fietkauadd git checkout support
2007-09-29 Felix Fietkauuse $(TAR) instead of tar
2007-09-29 Felix FietkauRefactor downloading code into