[package] uploaded new st2205tool tarball with fixed permissions
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / libs / st2205tool / Makefile
2009-09-03 Florian Fainelli[package] uploaded new st2205tool tarball with fixed...
2009-08-27 Florian Fainelli[package] install the correct library name (#5747)
2009-08-21 Florian Fainelli[package] update st2205tool to 1.4.3 (#5731)
2009-04-29 Nicolas Thill[packages] massive change: replace occurences of -I...
2009-04-17 Felix Fietkaunuke $Id$ in /packages as well
2008-08-12 Florian FainelliFix st2205tool dependency against libgd
2008-08-06 Felix Fietkauenable $(FPIC) for a few more packages
2008-05-08 Travis Kementhis library is useful for hacked picframe displays...