[packages] quagga: Remove 'Config.in' file - not used since r24151
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / libs /
2010-11-23 W. Michael PetulloUpdate dmapd and libdmapsharing to new upstream versions
2010-11-21 Florian Fainelli[package] update libupnp to 1.6.8
2010-11-21 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] libxml2: enable debug module (#8289)
2010-11-21 Hauke Mehrtenspostgresql: update to version 9.0.1
2010-11-21 Hauke Mehrtensopenldap: update to version 2.4.23
2010-11-21 Hauke Mehrtensmysql: decrease package number
2010-11-21 Hauke Mehrtensmysql: update to version 5.1.53
2010-11-19 W. Michael PetulloUpdate libdmapsharing to 2.1.11
2010-11-19 W. Michael PetulloUpdate libdmapsharing to 2.1.10
2010-11-13 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] polarssl: update to v0.14.0 (#8234)
2010-11-11 W. Michael PetulloUpdate dmapd and libdmapsharing to new upstream versions
2010-11-04 Michael Büschclearsilver is not parallel build safe
2010-11-04 Michael Büschpostgresql: deptest fixes. staging dir is not preserved...
2010-11-03 Alexandros C. Coul... libs/libtasn1: fix installation issue. (closes #8165)
2010-11-02 Michael Büschmatrixssl: Enable parallel build
2010-11-02 Michael Büschmatrixssl: Fix compile on uClibc-0.9.31
2010-11-02 W. Michael PetulloAdd maintainer to openldap Makefile
2010-11-02 W. Michael PetulloAdd maintainer to db47 Makefile
2010-11-02 W. Michael PetulloUpdate libdmapsharing to 2.1.8
2010-10-31 Florian Fainelli[package] update postgresql to 9.0.0 (#7999)
2010-10-27 Michael BüschSplit python into a host and target build. Also add...
2010-10-24 Florian Fainelli[package] fix libevent libtool fixup
2010-10-24 Michael Büschspandsp: PPC compile fix.
2010-10-23 Florian Fainelli[package] update avahi to 0.6.28
2010-10-21 Vasilis Tsiligiannis[packages] alsa-libs: Update to version 1.0.23 (#8104)
2010-10-19 Michael Büschintltool: Check for Perl XML prereq
2010-10-18 Michael Büschspandsp: We start with PKG_RELEASE:=1
2010-10-18 Michael Büschspandsp: Enable parallel build
2010-10-18 Michael BüschFrom: Roman Yeryomin <leroi.lists@gmail.com>
2010-10-18 Florian Fainelli[package] install gsl headers in usr/include/gsl
2010-10-16 Michael BüschUse PKG_BUILD_PARALLEL:=0 to force-disable parallel...
2010-10-16 Florian Fainelli[package] add vips library (#7866)
2010-10-15 Michael Büschxmpp4r: Fix ruby library path
2010-10-15 Michael Büschuclibc++: Also install .so to dev
2010-10-13 Michael Büschkeynote has broken internal dependencies. Force -j1...
2010-10-12 Nicolas Thillpackages/freetype: update to 2.3.12
2010-10-12 Nicolas Thillpackages/gd: various fixes
2010-10-10 Michael Büschboost: Enable parallel compile
2010-10-09 Michael Büschst2205tool: Fix parallel build
2010-10-09 Michael Büschpthsem: Update. This fixes parallel build.
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibsynce: Fix parallel build
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibrpcsecgss: Fix parallel build
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibmpd: Enable parallel build
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibmpd wants glib2
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibgssapi: Fix parallel build
2010-10-08 Michael Büschlibdlna: Fix parallel build
2010-10-08 Mirko Vogt[alsa-lib] use static's instead of extern's, as latter...
2010-10-08 Michael Büschgmp: Fix parallel build
2010-10-07 Michael Büschzaptel-1.4: Fix inode pointer
2010-10-07 Michael Büschpostgresql: Parallel build fixes
2010-10-07 Michael Büschmysql: Parallel build fixes
2010-10-07 Michael Büschzaptel-1.4: Compilefixes for 2.6.36
2010-10-07 W. Michael PetulloUpdate libdmapsharing to 2.1.6
2010-10-07 W. Michael PetulloUpdate dmapd to 0.0.31
2010-10-07 W. Michael PetulloTest commit privileges
2010-10-06 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] revert accidentally committed changes
2010-10-05 Jo-Philipp Wich[packages] replace @LINUX_2_6 with @!LINUX_2_4, fixes...
2010-09-29 Raphaël Huck[packages] clearsilver: fix install rules, enables...
2010-09-13 Raphaël Huck[packages] ezxml: update PKG_RELEASE and rename patches
2010-09-13 Raphaël Huck[packages] ezxml: clean patch headers and new ezxml_cut...
2010-09-11 Florian Fainelli[package] update libdmapsharing to 2.1.2 (#7894)
2010-09-07 Michael BüschFrom: Joseph Roback <openwrt-devel@roback.cc>
2010-09-07 Michael BüschFrom: Joseph Roback <openwrt-devel@roback.cc>
2010-09-06 Alexandros C. Coul... libs/libpam: update libpam to version 1.1.2, refresh...
2010-09-04 Florian Fainelli[package] sctp: Add SCTP library support
2010-09-04 Florian Fainelli[package] add mysql-server (#7384)
2010-09-04 Florian Fainelli[package] add poco C++ library
2010-08-25 Mirko Vogt[DirectFB] copy over default cursor file
2010-08-22 Florian Fainelli[package] update libusb-1.0 to 1.0.8 (#7806)
2010-08-17 Nicolas Thill[packages] gnutls: fix certtool dependency on libgnutls...
2010-08-15 Alexandros C. Coul... libs/pcre: update to pcre-8.10
2010-08-14 Nicolas Thill[packages] libshout: add dependencies on speex & theora...
2010-08-13 Nicolas Thill[packages] libtorrent: fix build failures on octeon...
2010-08-04 Nicolas Thill[packages] libtorrent: apply fix from [22233] to armeb...
2010-07-31 Florian Fainelli[package] add credis, C library for communicating with...
2010-07-27 Florian Fainelli[package] update sqlite3 to 3.7.0 (#7668)
2010-07-24 Florian Fainelli[package] uclibc++: parallel build fix
2010-07-22 Stephen Walker[packages] c-ares: update to 1.7.3
2010-07-22 Stephen Walker[packages] apr: update to 1.4.2
2010-07-20 Florian Fainelli[package] fix inverted libcurl/curl descriptions (...
2010-07-19 Stephen Walker[packages] liboping: update to 1.4.0, add a noping...
2010-07-16 Nicolas Thill[packages] libtorrent: fix error when linking against...
2010-07-16 Nicolas Thill[packages] ortp: fix build failure on avr32
2010-07-15 Nicolas Thill[packages] libdlna: fix build failure (closes: #7445)
2010-07-13 Nicolas Thill[packages] libpng: update to 1.2.44, change InstallDev...
2010-07-12 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] flac: Disable building of docs and examples
2010-07-12 Lars-Peter Clausen[packages] libflac: Upgrade to 1.2.1
2010-07-07 Alexandros C. Coul... libs/glib2: revert bogus r21884 (thanks nico)
2010-07-04 Mirko Vogtlibmikmod: avoid building documentation, as this requir...
2010-06-26 Gabor Juhospackages/zaptel-1.4.x: remove KCONFIG options
2010-06-26 Florian Fainelli[package] add missing CONFIG_SYSPROF_TRACER in zaptel...
2010-06-23 Alexandros C. Coul... packages/libs/glib2: fix dependency issue (#5590)
2010-06-20 Nicolas Thill[packages] add liblo - Lightweight Open Sound Control...
2010-06-17 Gabor Juhospackages/zaptel-1.4: fix Kconfig options
2010-06-16 Nicolas Thill[packages] add ortp - a Real-time Transport Protocol...
2010-06-14 Claudio Mignanti[package] zaptel: fix typo introduced in r21786
2010-06-13 Claudio Mignanti[package] zaptel: Package for wcusb and wctdm driver
2010-06-13 Claudio Mignanti[packages] zaptel: update and fix kernel module build...
2010-06-06 Florian Fainelli[package] add mxml library (#7396)
2010-05-19 Mirko Vogtcopy over pkgconfig file to $(STAGING_DIR) as well...