removed duplicate freetype
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / net / rp-pppoe /
2007-05-10 Mike BakerSTART/STOP values must be specified in the init script
2007-04-21 Nicolas Thilladd missing pppoe-connect script (closes: #1603)
2007-04-07 Florian Fainelliadsl-start is now pppoe-start (#1562)
2007-03-24 Felix Fietkaufix rp-pppoe compile
2006-12-10 Felix Fietkaufix rp-pppoe download location (#1039)
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkaufix rp-pppoe compile, upgrade to latest upstream version
2006-11-23 Felix Fietkaureplace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_...
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thillmassive Makefile cleanup, add missing 'svn:keywords...
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauinit script cleanup, use /etc/rc.d/ for enabled scripts...
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauadd md5sum for rp-pppoe
2006-10-04 Felix Fietkauport lots of init scripts over to rc.common (more to...
2006-08-07 Florian FainelliPort rp-pppoe to -ng