Fix linux-2.6 redeclaration errors, should not break 2.4 builds (#1018)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / net /
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkaufix compile
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkaucompile fix
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkaufix rp-pppoe compile, upgrade to latest upstream version
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkauclean up miniupnpd package and update to latest version...
2006-12-08 Felix Fietkauadd a mirror for bind and update to latest upstream...
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliAdd libzebra dependencies (#1015)
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliAdd cachemgr mod, and copy unlinkd and pinger to the...
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliAdd missing dependencies to atftp and atftpd (#1022)
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliAdd dependency to iptables-mod-nat (#1026)
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliMove radvd to ipv6 section
2006-12-07 Florian FainelliUpgrade radvd to 1.0
2006-12-05 Tim Yardleysync with r1585 from xwrt. kamikaze integration finishe...
2006-12-03 Tim Yardleybring in optional key generation
2006-11-29 Florian FainelliRemove buggy symlink (#995)
2006-11-29 Florian FainelliAdd default configuration file, init script, libpthread...
2006-11-29 Tim Yardleyfix for init script per xwrt:r1461
2006-11-29 Tim Yardleyupdate based on db90h's changes to the whiterussian...
2006-11-27 Florian FainelliUpgrade xsupplicant to latest stable (1.2.8), fix redec...
2006-11-27 Imre Kalozadd copyright header
2006-11-26 Tim Yardleyminiupnpd ported to kamikaze from xwrts whiterussian...
2006-11-25 Felix Fietkauadd checks for missing ciphers in openssh (fixes #974)
2006-11-25 Felix Fietkaufix stunnel compile issue (#981)
2006-11-23 Felix Fietkaureplace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_...
2006-11-21 Nicolas ThillMakefile cleanup, remove unused variables and options
2006-11-21 Felix Fietkaudon't generate a certificate during stunnel build ...
2006-11-21 Tim Yardleystunnel for kamikaze, contributed by coova, cleaned...
2006-11-19 Nicolas Thillpass --disable-termios to configure (closes: #964)...
2006-11-19 Nicolas Thillfix snort-wireless & snort-wireless-pgsql build
2006-11-15 Florian FainelliMore iptraf fixes
2006-11-14 Nicolas Thillfix tfp-hpa
2006-11-13 Florian FainelliAdd missing dependency (#939)
2006-11-13 Florian FainelliAdd snort-wireless to -ng
2006-11-13 Nicolas Thillport snort to -ng
2006-11-12 Felix Fietkauadd updated olsrd fixes and optimizations from sven-ola
2006-11-12 Nicolas Thillport pmacct to -ng
2006-11-09 Florian FainelliAdd tftp-hpa (#928)
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkauremove openssh-sftp-server dependency on libcrypto...
2006-11-09 Florian FainelliRevert back [5480] since the Touch macro was removed
2006-11-09 Florian FainelliReplace the old kmod-tun reference by the current on
2006-11-09 Florian FainelliUse the generic Touch macro
2006-11-06 Florian FainelliAdd lft tools for network enginneers (#922)
2006-11-06 Florian FainelliAdd init script from exobyte #924
2006-11-05 Nicolas Thillrevert autotools files touching: it has side effects...
2006-11-03 Florian FainelliAdd an hotplug script, so that if network is not up...
2006-11-03 Florian FainelliFix URL for dowloading, referering to
2006-11-03 Florian FainelliUpgrade openntpd to 3.9p1
2006-11-02 Florian FainelliUpdate makefiles to use the autotools stuff put in...
2006-11-02 Florian FainelliPort tor to (#567)
2006-10-31 Nicolas Thillresync gpsd with old trunk version
2006-10-31 Felix Fietkaumove wpa_supplicant to trunk
2006-10-31 Nicolas Thillfix peerguardian build
2006-10-31 Nicolas Thillfix rrs build with the SDK
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thillrename and simplify nmap patches, Makefile cleanup
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thillmassive Makefile cleanup, add missing 'svn:keywords...
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thilldon't depend in libiconv, depend on libpthread, cleanup
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thillupdate freeradius vo v1.1.2
2006-10-30 Nicolas Thillremove intrusive STAGING_DIR references in the patches...
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thilluse Build/Configure/Default macro, Makefile cleanup
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thilladd pptpd url
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thilluse target optimization flags, Makefile cleanup
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thilluse target optimization flags, Makefile cleanup
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thillrename patch and use EXTRA_ flags instead of intrusive...
2006-10-28 Nicolas Thillfix opt flags in cross-compile patch, remove volatile...
2006-10-27 Nicolas Thillfix conflicting optimization flags set by configure
2006-10-27 Nicolas Thillrename pptpd patches, add a patch to use target optimiz...
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd patch from #873
2006-10-22 Nicolas Thillremove obsolete ipkg and
2006-10-20 Nicolas Thillfix wccpd build (closes: #869)
2006-10-19 Nicolas Thillchange aiccu section from net to ipv6, standardize
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufix click compile
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2006-10-19 Florian FainelliAdd ipkungfu (#510)
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauremove more bogus -j1 options from make calls
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkaufix missing dependency
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauadd dependencies for mini_httpd
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkaumove easysw cups servers to the end of the download...
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkaufix default interface for ez-ipupdate (#835)
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliUpgrade bind to 9.3.2-P1, no shared libraries because...
2006-10-16 Nicolas Thillfix more bogus ln -sf lines
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkaufix bogus ln -sf line
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliUpgrade wpa_supplicant to 0.5.5 (#841)
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliUpgrade aircrack-ng to 0.6.2
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliFix module compilation for 2.4 kernels
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkauremove reference to
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliFix module, compilation, upgrade to 0.9.3, standardize...
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauinit script cleanup, use /etc/rc.d/ for enabled scripts...
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauadd md5sum for rp-pppoe
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkaufix cups compile on freebsd
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkauignore tar error in bing package - evil mode changes...
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkaufix bind compile error
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkauignore tar errors in atftp
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkaucompile fix
2006-10-14 Felix Fietkaufix compile error
2006-10-10 Florian FainelliAdd configuration files for other architectures : armeb...
2006-10-10 Florian FainelliFix ccache compilation error, standardize, closes #829
2006-10-10 Florian FainelliFix ccache compilation, standardize, closes #831