add p910nd (thanks to Oliver Ertl)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / obsolete-buildroot / Makefile
2005-01-14 Imre KalozUpgrade to uClibc 0.9.27 final
2005-01-02 Imre KalozUpgrade to newer sources.
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozadd newer sources
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerfix strip/sstrip issues
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerupdate to newer snapshots, avoid 404 errors durring...
2004-08-27 Mike Bakerbuildroot-20040827-matrixssl.patch.txt
2004-08-27 Mike Bakernico's buildroot-20040827-vsftpd.patch.txt
2004-08-27 Mike Bakervarious patches
2004-08-25 Mike Bakerupdate the list of packages
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerfix zlib; add dropbear ipkg
2004-08-17 Mike Bakersstrip, nas support, mppe support, mac os x patches...
2004-08-12 Mike Bakermoved root.tar.gz to sources/openwrt/root
2004-08-09 Mike Bakerupdate everything to the latest version
2004-08-01 Mike Bakerclean up yesterday's reorganization
2004-07-21 Mike BakerDowngrade uclibc, change busybox options
2004-07-19 Mike Bakerbump snapshot version to 20040718 to fix v1.x flaws
2004-07-08 Mike Bakerupdate snapshot value
2004-07-07 Mike BakerFinally get around to fixing the ipkg-build dependancy...
2004-06-08 Gerry RozemaAdded the ipackage repository target, and the logic...
2004-06-01 Mike Bakerfix dependancies
2004-06-01 Mike Bakerstrip down makefile
2004-05-25 Mike BakerInitial revision