Convert openntpd to new packaging style
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / obsolete-buildroot /
2005-02-06 Mike Bakerhit enter for a serial console
2005-01-28 Mike Bakerfix serial console
2005-01-25 Mike Bakerquick and dirty hack to fix the reset on motorola WR850G
2005-01-24 Mike Bakerupdated in prepration for wrt54g v2.2/gs v1.1 support
2005-01-14 Imre Kalozupgrade to dropbear 0.44 final, give the package a...
2005-01-14 Imre KalozUpgrade to uClibc 0.9.27 final
2005-01-10 Mike Bakerdisable verbose led changes
2005-01-08 Mike Bakerincrease netfilter conntrack hashes
2005-01-07 Mike Bakerfix freebsd build
2005-01-02 Mike Bakerupdate the static lease example
2005-01-02 Mike Bakerswitch to authoritative dhcp; fixes issues with some...
2005-01-02 Imre KalozUpdate dependency name.
2005-01-02 Imre KalozUpgrade to newer sources.
2004-12-29 Mike Bakeradd multipath support to kernel
2004-12-24 Mike Bakeradded an ldd command
2004-12-24 Mike BakerNew failsafe dmz led pattern - 2 quick flashes every...
2004-12-11 Mike Bakercleanup code, fix debug output
2004-12-06 Mike Bakeradd klogd to startup
2004-11-27 Imre KalozChanged dependency sched-modules to the new name kmod...
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to iptables 1.2.11
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to dnsmasq 2.17
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozadd support for belkin/ravotek routers
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to squashfs 2.0-r2
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to dnsmasq 2.16
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to bridge-utils 1.0.4
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozupgrade to iptables 1.2.11
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozadd newer sources
2004-11-15 Imre Kalozremove login dependency
2004-11-10 Ned Luddpatched uClibc.config gentoo bug #69785
2004-11-10 Ned Luddpatched busybox.confing gentoo bug #69785
2004-10-17 Mike BakerFix v1.0 nvram "bug".
2004-09-23 Mike Bakerfix potential routing issues in failsafe
2004-09-22 Mike Bakerswitching root devices confuses people
2004-09-20 Mike Bakerinstructions for the nfs modules
2004-09-19 Mike Bakeralignment patch nolonger needed, ebtables patch altered
2004-09-19 Mike Bakermoved netfilter patches to avoid conflicts with patch...
2004-09-19 Mike Bakermoved
2004-09-19 Mike Bakernetfilter patches must be applied before other kernel...
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerfix strip/sstrip issues
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerupdate busybox/uclibc configs for newer snapshots
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerupdate to newer snapshots, avoid 404 errors durring...
2004-09-19 Mike Bakerwl.o won't load if il0macaddr isn't set
2004-09-16 Mike Bakerinclude all interfaces in failsafe mode
2004-09-16 Mike Bakerreset button fix for dell truemobile
2004-09-07 Mike Bakerchange DEBUG messages in networking scripts to be more...
2004-09-07 Mike Bakerwap54g support
2004-08-28 Mike Bakeropenssh refuses to connect unless the version string...
2004-08-28 Mike Bakerupdate dropbear version
2004-08-27 Mike Bakerbuildroot-20040827-matrixssl.patch.txt
2004-08-27 Mike Bakerlate night coding at it's finest ...
2004-08-27 Mike Bakernico's buildroot-20040827-vsftpd.patch.txt
2004-08-27 Mike Bakervarious patches
2004-08-26 Mike Bakerupdated to support asus & buffalo
2004-08-26 Mike Bakerreplace resetmon with /proc/sys/reset
2004-08-25 Mike Bakerupdate the list of packages
2004-08-24 Mike Bakermassive changes
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerfix dependency order for sstrip
2004-08-20 Mike Bakertracked down sstrip bug to strip being called from...
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerdisable sstrip, causes problems
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerreplaced by
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerdropbear 0.44test2
2004-08-20 Mike Bakerfix zlib; add dropbear ipkg
2004-08-20 Mike Bakertypo
2004-08-19 Mike Bakeruse official ebtables patch
2004-08-17 Mike Bakersstrip, nas support, mppe support, mac os x patches...
2004-08-12 Mike Bakermoved root.tar.gz to sources/openwrt/root
2004-08-12 Mike Bakermoved.
2004-08-09 Mike Bakerobsolete
2004-08-09 Mike Bakerupdate everything to the latest version
2004-08-09 Mike Bakersigaction causes 'illegal instruction' .. disabled...
2004-08-08 Mike Bakertemporary hack.
2004-08-02 Mike Bakerupdate readme
2004-08-01 Mike Bakerclean up yesterday's reorganization
2004-08-01 Mike Bakermoved.
2004-07-31 Mike Bakerenable tun
2004-07-31 Mike Bakernot used.
2004-07-31 Mike Bakermoved.
2004-07-31 Mike Bakerobsolete
2004-07-31 Mike Bakernot used in openwrt
2004-07-31 Mike Bakerrestructure; cleanup
2004-07-31 Mike Bakeropenssl/openssh updates from below0
2004-07-31 Mike Bakerftruncate patch from andersee
2004-07-31 Mike Bakerandersee's ftruncate patch
2004-07-30 Mike Bakerbump version
2004-07-29 Ned Luddcompile and use the addpattern.c/trx.c multi arch open...
2004-07-29 Ned Luddaddpattern.c trx.c milti arch open source replacements...
2004-07-21 Mike BakerDowngrade uclibc, change busybox options
2004-07-21 Mike BakerDon't try to code properly at 4am ...
2004-07-20 Mike Bakerquick and dirty buffalo hack
2004-07-19 Mike Bakerno actual config changes
2004-07-19 Mike Bakerbump snapshot version to 20040718 to fix v1.x flaws
2004-07-16 Ned Luddmore house cleaning
2004-07-16 Ned Luddhouse cleaning
2004-07-16 Ned Luddcvs removed
2004-07-16 Ned Luddversion bump
2004-07-16 Mike Bakeropenssl patches from below0
2004-07-16 Mike Bakeropenssh patches from below0
2004-07-16 Mike Bakerzlib patches from below0
2004-07-13 Mike Bakerifup is now a standalone script
2004-07-12 Mike Bakerpppoe support c/o below0