Merged enhancements submitted by Stereo, thanks, closes #188 and #189
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / package / base-files / ipkg /
2006-01-04 Waldemar Brodkorbpatch for spec file of gcc 3.4.4, so that libgss librar...
2005-11-07 Felix Fietkauadd hotplug stuff to trunk/
2005-10-21 Felix Fietkauremove Maintainer: and Source: from packages
2005-08-27 Felix Fietkaumove hotplug script into an extra package so that it...
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd changes from whiterussian
2005-07-19 Felix Fietkaufix base-files build