fix problems from ticket #385, thx mikea
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / package / hostapd / Makefile
2006-03-28 Waldemar Brodkorbfix problems from ticket #385, thx mikea
2006-03-12 Waldemar Brodkorbupdate to newer version, fix compile issues, 100-wpa_fi...
2006-02-01 Mike Bakerchange cp to $(CP)
2005-11-22 Nicolas Thillupdate hostapd to new upstream stable release (v0.4.7)
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillupdate hostapd to latest development release (v0.4.5),
2005-08-14 Nicolas Thilladd hostapd package with initial support for madwifi