brcm-2.4 system code and driver update
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / package / wificonf / wificonf.c
2006-05-04 Felix Fietkaubrcm-2.4 system code and driver update
2006-01-11 Felix Fietkaufix wl0_rate error in wificonf
2006-01-10 Felix Fietkauset rate in wificonf from wl0_rate (fixes #159)
2005-12-16 Felix Fietkaufix wificonf compile error (#137)
2005-12-13 Felix Fietkaurestore wl0_auth functionality (fixes: #123)
2005-12-13 Felix Fietkauimprove wificonf watchdog for client mode (should be...
2005-11-19 Felix Fietkauadd wl0_txpwr setting to wificonf
2005-11-14 Felix Fietkauoops forgot to remove #define DEBUG
2005-11-14 Felix Fietkauadd support for the new broadcom driver to wificonf...
2005-11-13 Felix Fietkauenable driver-internal supplicant only in wet mode...
2005-11-12 Felix Fietkauadd wds and client mode watchdog to wificonf
2005-10-05 Felix Fietkaufix ap_isolate
2005-10-02 Felix Fietkauenable wet for sta mode by default
2005-10-02 Felix Fietkaubump wificonf version number, remove wl0_wet variable...
2005-10-01 Felix Fietkaudisable speedbooster if wds is enabled
2005-09-22 Felix Fietkaufix aes+tkip nvram setting for wl0_crypto
2005-09-05 Felix Fietkaumake wificonf set wl0_ifname on startup
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkauadd wificonf fix from whiterussian
2005-08-13 Felix Fietkausome wificonf and wlcompat cleanups/fixes
2005-07-25 Felix Fietkaucopy wificonf from whiterussian to head
2005-07-24 Felix Fietkaumove wificonf and nvram stuff back to package/, remove...
2005-07-23 Felix Fietkaumove wificonf to target/linux/package
2005-07-20 Felix Fietkausync wificonf with whiterussian
2005-07-10 Felix Fietkaufix Set Tx Power error in wificonf
2005-07-09 Felix Fietkaufix some small bugs in wificonf and wlcompat
2005-07-07 Felix Fietkauadd plcphdr setting to wificonf
2005-07-04 Felix Fietkaufix setting gmode, when wl0_gmode is unset
2005-07-01 Felix Fietkaumore wpa/wificonf fixes
2005-06-27 Felix Fietkaudon't enable wpa if wep is set
2005-06-27 Felix Fietkaufix wds in wificonf
2005-06-24 Felix Fietkausome minor bugfixes in wificonf
2005-06-23 Felix Fietkaufix wificonf maclist, closed, ap/sta mode
2005-06-17 Felix Fietkaufix wificonf segfault when maclist is enabled
2005-06-12 Nicolas ThillDo not always activate WPA
2005-06-11 Felix Fietkauadd wificonf (wlconf,/sbin/wifi replacement)