fix non-verbose messages for the new target/linux structure
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / target / linux / Makefile
2006-01-11 Felix Fietkaufix non-verbose messages for the new target/linux structure
2006-01-10 Felix Fietkaularge target/linux cleanup
2005-12-25 Waldemar Brodkorbfirst ar531x support for 2.4, thx Mile Albon, some...
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thilladd 2.6 support for x86
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkaucosmetic fix for V= stuff
2005-10-23 Nicolas Thillrename soekris port to x86
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkauanother batch of V= stuff
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkaumake log output a bit nicer
2005-10-22 Felix Fietkaularge build system cleanup. added some stuff to control...
2005-09-10 Waldemar Brodkorbadd KERNEL variable
2005-09-01 Felix Fietkaufix some typos
2005-08-28 Waldemar Brodkorbfirst 2.6 stuff for netgear wgt634u, unusable.
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkaufix image builder dependency problem
2005-08-14 Felix Fietkauadd new image builder
2005-07-25 Nicolas Thilladd preliminary support for soekris boards
2005-06-14 Felix Fietkauadd incomplete ar7 hardware support (disabled by default)
2005-06-11 Felix Fietkaucleanup in target/
2005-06-05 Felix Fietkauadd rebuild target for the linux directory
2005-05-28 Felix Fietkaumove package/linux into target/linux, use wbx' new...