add pcmcia and serial_cs kernel support for mipsel/2.6
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / openwrt / target / linux / linux-2.6 / config / brcm
2005-12-09 Nicolas Thilladd pcmcia and serial_cs kernel support for mipsel/2.6
2005-11-29 Waldemar Brodkorbfix flash map driver for squashfs images for wrt54gs
2005-11-29 Waldemar Brodkorbremove usb debug options, add usb audio, some cleanup
2005-11-11 Nicolas Thillsync netfilter config with the one in whiterussian
2005-11-03 Nicolas Thillsync the brcm-2.6 config with the 2.4 one
2005-10-23 Felix Fietkauupdate linux 2.6 config for pf-ring
2005-10-02 Waldemar Brodkorbadd some audio modules and codepages
2005-10-01 Waldemar Brodkorbactivate ohci, enable USB DEBUG
2005-09-20 Waldemar Brodkorbadd ipset and nat-t config options
2005-09-16 Waldemar Brodkorbdisable minix, separate flash-map driver patch
2005-09-14 Waldemar Brodkorbadd mppe to 2.6
2005-09-11 Waldemar Brodkorbadd ppp/pppoe to kernel config, remove some compile...
2005-09-10 Waldemar Brodkorbactivate usb1, disable some usb2 experimental flags
2005-09-10 Waldemar Brodkorbadd first steps for led driver port to 2.6
2005-09-04 Waldemar Brodkorbadd b44 driver
2005-09-03 Waldemar Brodkorbfine tune kernel config
2005-08-29 Waldemar Brodkorbadd some netfilter modules to 2.6 and update squashfs...
2005-08-28 Waldemar Brodkorbadd squashfs 2.2 for kernel 2.6, cleanup broadcom patch...
2005-08-28 Waldemar Brodkorbadd usb and mtd driver
2005-08-28 Waldemar BrodkorbMakefile change to compile modules, minor change in...
2005-08-28 Waldemar Brodkorbfirst 2.6 stuff for netgear wgt634u, unusable.