mac80211: merge a fix for PS-Poll handling, refresh patches
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / boot /
2013-07-02 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-envtools: add support for imx6 target
2013-07-02 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.07-rc1
2013-06-28 Felix Fietkaukexec-tools: reduce size
2013-06-28 Felix Fietkaukexec-tools: make zlib support optional, but enabled...
2013-06-26 Zoltan Herpaitools: add tools for i.MX23 boards
2013-06-21 John Crispinpackages: clean up the package folder
2013-05-29 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-imx6: add new package
2013-05-20 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to 2013.04
2013-05-07 John Crispingrub2: Add sub package grub-editenv for target installation
2013-04-11 Luka PerkovThis adds Gateworks Laguna family board support. Note...
2013-03-15 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-envtools: upgrade to version 2013.01.01
2013-03-03 Luka Perkov[package] uboot-env: wzr-600dhp uses wzr-hp-ag300h...
2013-03-01 Luka Perkovar71xx: add support for Buffalo WZR 600DHP
2013-02-02 Gabor Juhosuboot-envtools: add config for the Edimax BR-6425 board
2013-02-01 Gabor Juhospackage/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh MR600v2 support
2013-01-22 Luka Perkovuboot-lantiq: upgrade to 2013.01
2013-01-07 Mirko Vogt[package/boot/uboot-xburst] fix typo in Makefile
2013-01-07 Mirko VogtThis patch updates uboot-xburst from 2009.11 to 2012...
2012-12-15 John Crispin[lantiq] fixes uboot dependency
2012-11-29 Luka Perkov[boot] uboot-kirkwood: build in $(BUILD_DIR)
2012-11-26 Jo-Philipp Wichgrub2: fix another case of gnulib failing under gnu...
2012-11-23 Florian Fainelli[package] grub2: accept the linux-musl* tuple
2012-11-23 Luka Perkov[boot] uboot-lantiq: add new package
2012-11-22 Luka Perkov[boot] uboot-kirkwood: update to 2012.10
2012-11-18 Gabor Juhospackage/uboot-envtools: add OpenMesh MR600 support
2012-10-27 Gabor Juhospackage/uboot-envtools: add CAP4200AG support
2012-10-17 John Crispinmove to boot/ folder
2012-10-17 Gabor Juhosuboot-envtools: OM2P-HS partition information
2012-10-16 John Crispin[boot] move boot related packages to their own folder