fix broadcom-diag on linux 2.6.28 (#4633)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / broadcom-diag / src / gpio.h
2009-02-22 Felix Fietkaufix broadcom-diag on linux 2.6.28 (#4633)
2009-01-06 Felix Fietkauadd initial 2.6.28 support for brcm47xx target
2008-05-20 Peter Denison[bcm47xx] Stopgap compilation fixes for diag and switch...
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Make the GPIO API reentrancy safe.
2008-02-19 Michael Büschssb: Update the GPIO API
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkaufix failsafe on broadcom, send netlink events in diag...
2007-05-04 Felix Fietkaufix gpio interrupts on broadcom (thanks, jpcass)
2007-03-14 Felix Fietkauadd diag and switch support for brcm47xx-2.6
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkauforward port diag changes from whiterussian, add extra...