[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / ifxmips-dsl-api / Config.in
2010-11-03 John Crispin[ifxmips]
2010-04-16 Nicolas Thillpackage/ifxmips-dsl-api: move configuration in submenu
2010-03-31 John Crispin[ifxmips] fix licensing issues of ifxmips dsl driver
2010-03-25 Nicolas Thill[package] ifxmips-dsl-api: only show debug option when...
2010-03-18 John Crispin[ifxmips-dsl-api] Add option to disable debug output...
2009-11-01 John Crispin[ifxmips] adds dsl support, thank you infineon/lantiq