more use of the INSTALL_DIR variable
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / iptables / Makefile
2007-01-08 Nicolas Thillmore use of the INSTALL_DIR variable
2006-12-25 Florian FainelliForgot kmod-ipt-imq dependency (#1076)
2006-11-26 Tim Yardleyinstall-devel puts this here, kill it too
2006-11-26 Tim Yardleycleanup some of the custom work for devel libs
2006-11-26 Felix Fietkauinstall iptables devel headers into the staging dir
2006-11-23 Felix Fietkaureplace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_...
2006-11-12 Felix Fietkauimplement target profiles in menuconfig
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauinit script cleanup, use /etc/rc.d/ for enabled scripts...
2006-10-13 Felix Fietkaufinally move buildroot-ng to trunk