fix trailing backslash error introduced in r13115 - fixes kernel config issues
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / kernel / modules /
2008-11-06 Felix Fietkaufix trailing backslash error introduced in r13115 ...
2008-11-03 Felix Fietkausplit out crc-ccitt
2008-08-05 Florian FainelliReinstate rdc bootability and force it to use init...
2008-07-26 Florian Fainelliipsec{4,6} depend on kmod-crypto-aead to allow esp4...
2008-07-09 Matteo Crocesit depends on tunnel4
2008-06-11 Florian FainelliAdd syskonnect yukon2 support (#2568)
2008-05-29 Felix FietkauThis Makefile patch adds support for the "Privacy Exten...
2008-04-15 Nicolas Thillmark b44 as broken, it doesn't build anymore due to...
2008-04-11 Florian FainelliFix errors on capifs loading (#3250)
2008-03-27 Florian FainelliCreate a dummy sit package for 2.4 kernelsq
2008-03-07 Florian FainelliAdd PCnet32 ethernet support (#3195)
2008-02-20 Michael Büschbcm47xx: Add driver for the SSB Gigabit Ethernet core.
2008-01-10 Tim Yardleyadd broadcom b44 driver support
2007-11-25 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2007-10-24 Florian FainelliFix the r8169 kernel module (#2554)
2007-10-16 John Crispinadded rtl8169, from #2554
2007-10-10 Nicolas Thillsplit ipip & iptunnel4 and ipv6 & sit into separate...
2007-10-02 Florian FainelliAdd support for the network packet generator
2007-09-29 Nicolas Thillfix kernel config item for 3c95x/vortex network cards...
2007-09-23 Nicolas Thillmove crypto support to a seperate file, split...
2007-09-22 Felix Fietkauadd missing kconfig option for pppoa
2007-09-21 Nicolas Thillrevert [8907] and rename kmod-soundcore and kmod-ipip...
2007-09-21 Nicolas Thilladd compat 'PROVIDES' for renamed kernel modules
2007-09-20 Nicolas Thillbuild IPsec transports as modules, rename kmod-ipip...
2007-09-20 Felix Fietkaufix kmod-sched kconfig value (#2380)
2007-09-17 Nicolas Thillmove CAPI/ISDN module from to
2007-09-16 Nicolas Thillcosmetic changes: rename submenu vars, add missing...
2007-09-16 Nicolas Thilladd dependencies on kmod-crypto for kmod-ipsec and...
2007-09-14 Florian FainelliPackage support for IP over ATM
2007-09-11 Nicolas Thillfix target names in DEPENDS (closes: #2341)
2007-09-09 Nicolas Thillfix KCONFIG in packages: move back all KCONFIG from...
2007-09-08 Florian FainelliFix kmod-ppp generation (#2337)
2007-09-07 Nicolas Thillmove package description to a separate definition,...
2007-09-03 Nicolas Thillrequire all CONFIG_* symbols listed in its KCONFIG...
2007-08-28 Nicolas Thillcosmetic fixes: rearrange KernelPackage definitions
2007-08-22 Florian FainelliAdd kmod-ppp-synctty (#2231)
2007-08-01 Florian Fainelliax25 need to compile mkiss
2007-07-25 Florian FainelliPut r6040 ethernet driver as a module
2007-07-23 Felix Fietkaumore dependency fixes
2007-07-21 Felix Fietkaufix kmod-atmtcp compile
2007-07-19 Florian Fainellirevert 8059, via-rhine is built in the kernel
2007-07-19 Florian FainelliInclude kmod-via-rhine by default for rb532
2007-07-19 Florian FainelliFix kmod-ipip build (#2092)
2007-07-18 Felix Fietkaudynamically enable/disable kernel config options for...
2007-06-29 Rod WhitbyAdded via-velocity module, and fixed some whitespace...
2007-06-22 Florian FainelliPackage tunnel6 as well (#1943)
2007-06-13 Florian Fainelliautomatically load ipv6 module
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thillchange module load priority (closes: #1804)
2007-05-27 Florian FainelliFix mppe packaging from #1742
2007-05-08 Florian FainelliTypo, again
2007-05-07 Florian FainelliFix a typo, grr, humm
2007-05-07 Florian FainelliPackage multipath kernel modules from #1608
2007-04-18 Felix FietkauImproved autorebuild for kernel related stuff.
2007-03-01 Felix Fietkaufix compile error
2007-03-01 Florian FainelliPackage sit module as part of kmod-ipv6 (#1424)
2007-02-16 Felix Fietkauadd e1000 support
2007-02-01 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2007-01-29 Felix Fietkaumove the natsemi preselection into the x86 default...
2006-11-23 Florian FainelliAdd ethernet bonding support for x86 (#856)
2006-11-18 Florian FainelliFix ne2k-pci compilation (#957)
2006-11-06 Florian FainelliAdd support for ne2000 pci NIC (#916)
2006-10-27 Imre Kalozadd redboot parsing and rtl8169 fixes, enable r8169...
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd e1000 driver, remove references to LINUX_2_4_X86
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd extra autoload for ppp modules
2006-10-22 Felix Fietkauadd missing autoload options
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufinally kill KMOD_template - removes a big chunk of...
2006-10-18 Nicolas Thillenable native ipsec modules on 2.6, add ipsec kernel...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkausplit