add wireless measurement probe infrastructure, developed at Fraunhofer FOKUS
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2009-03-07 Hauke Mehrtens[packages] turn some of the kernel dependencies the...
2009-02-22 Felix Fietkaueliminate redundancy by creating the quilt_used stampfi...
2008-12-21 Nicolas Thilladd dependency on 2.6.26+, current version needs 'get_u...
2008-11-30 Lars-Peter ClausenFix libertas compile on 2.6.27.
2008-11-30 Lars-Peter ClausenFix compile for olpc target.
2008-11-30 John Crispinupdate libertas driver
2008-01-24 Jens MueckeUpdating libertas wireless driver to latest version.
2007-12-15 Jens Muecke* adding network config for olpc