[package] fix unparsable options generated by wpa_supplicant.sh (#4835)
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package / wpa_supplicant / Makefile
2009-03-28 Jo-Philipp Wich[package] fix unparsable options generated by wpa_suppl...
2009-03-23 Hauke Mehrtens[wpa_supplicant] bump to version 0.6.9.
2009-02-17 Gabor Juhos[package] wpa_supplicant: update to 0.6.8
2009-01-28 Gabor Juhos[package] wpa_supplicant: update to 0.6.7
2008-12-22 Felix Fietkauwpa_supplicant has been upgraded and previous version
2008-08-12 Florian FainelliAdd generic wpa_supplicant calls and use them for mac80...
2008-08-10 Felix Fietkauadd missing dependency
2008-08-04 John Crispinfixes whitespace error
2008-07-30 John Crispinadds option to select tls provider when using wpa_suppl...
2008-07-18 Felix Fietkaufix wpa_cli compile
2008-07-17 Andy Boyett[wpa_supplicant] Fix menuconfig
2008-07-15 Travis Kemenfix md5sum
2008-07-15 Felix FietkauUpgrade wpa_supplicant to 0.6.3 and add some improvemen...
2008-06-01 Felix Fietkaufix wpa_supplicant cflags
2008-03-16 Andy Boyettbumped wpa_supplicant to 0.5.10
2008-01-06 Florian FainelliMirror source tarball to openwrt.org (#2983)
2007-12-09 Florian FainelliUpgrade wpa_supplicant to 0.5.9 (#2823)
2007-10-18 John Crispinfixed wpa2 support for madwifi/wpa_supplicant
2007-10-14 John CrispinDESCRIPTION:= is obselete
2007-09-16 Florian FainelliPackage wpa-passphrase (#1275)
2007-03-28 Nicolas Thillreplace common -I and -L search flags with TARGET_CPPFL...
2007-03-16 Felix Fietkauadd file type autodetection for the unpack command...
2007-03-16 Felix Fietkauadd a default for PKG_BUILD_DIR and PKG_INSTALL_DIR...
2007-01-05 Imre Kalozupgrade wpa_supplicant to v0.5.7 for #1133
2006-11-23 Felix Fietkaureplace lots of manual install commands with INSTALL_...
2006-10-31 Felix Fietkaumove wpa_supplicant to trunk