fix mtd compile
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package /
2006-11-12 Felix Fietkaufix mtd compile
2006-11-12 Felix Fietkaufix path to temporary files
2006-11-12 Felix Fietkaufix jffs2root compile
2006-11-11 Felix Fietkauallow the user to disable downlink shaping by removing...
2006-11-11 Felix Fietkaumove two functions from to /sbin/wifi
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaumake sure udhcpc is spawned as a background process...
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkauadd support for -t 0 (infinite retry) in busybox udhcpc...
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaureplace br0 with $LAN
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaufix dhcp hotplug events
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaufix ifdown hotplug event for static
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaufix ifup hotplug event for static
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaufix for multiple extra commands in init scripts using...
2006-11-09 Florian FainelliEnable iso9660 and udf kernel modules (#930)
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkauforward port diag changes from whiterussian, add extra...
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaumake nozomi linux 2.4 only for now
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaucomgt: make firewalling changes when umts goes up or...
2006-11-09 Felix Fietkaufix potential data loss issue on failed umount (patch...
2006-11-07 Florian FainelliEnsure dropbear is installed before disabling telnet...
2006-11-07 Florian FainelliChange httpd realm to match the hostname (#932)
2006-11-06 Florian FainelliAdd support for ne2000 pci NIC (#916)
2006-11-06 Florian FainelliFix wrong md5sum for nozomi (#915)
2006-11-04 Florian FainelliAdd automake-1.4 host tool dependency to linux-atm...
2006-11-04 Florian FainelliUpdate kernel configurations to enable NLS KOI8R (russi...
2006-11-04 Felix Fietkaufix nozomi default
2006-11-04 Florian FainelliTest if symbolic is already there (#886)
2006-11-04 Felix Fietkaumove comgt to trunk and add network scripts for umts...
2006-11-04 Felix Fietkaucall interface stop handler on ifdown
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkauadd nozomi driver
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkauenable nvram utility by default
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkaurename the <boardname>-<kernelversion> directories...
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkauport new diag driver to kamikaze
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkauadd config option for autostart of network interfaces
2006-11-03 Florian Fainelliexport WAN variable so that firewall works (#907)
2006-11-03 Florian FainelliFixes module autoloading for Wireless devices (#906)
2006-11-03 Felix Fietkaufix missing variable assignment (found by db90h)
2006-11-01 Felix Fietkaufix dropbear keygen
2006-10-31 Felix Fietkauupdate hostapd to latest upstream version
2006-10-31 Felix Fietkaumove wpa_supplicant to trunk
2006-10-31 Felix Fietkaufix unnecessary dropbear key generation
2006-10-30 Felix Fietkaufix vpi/vci setting for pppoa
2006-10-30 Felix Fietkauenable pppoa for ar7
2006-10-29 Felix Fietkausync dropbear init script with whiterussian, fix lockin...
2006-10-28 Felix Fietkaureset CONFIG_SECTION when calling config_load
2006-10-27 Nicolas Thilluse target optimization flags for madwifi tools
2006-10-27 Nicolas Thilladd target optimization flags
2006-10-27 Imre Kalozadd redboot parsing and rtl8169 fixes, enable r8169...
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkauadd protection against running cf2nand from yaffs2
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkauadd cf2nand script for copying a cf card installation...
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkauadd lookup function for mtd parts
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkauuse lock to remove race conditions in bringing up ppp...
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkaureduce the possibility of race conditions when using...
2006-10-26 Felix Fietkaufix dropbear init script
2006-10-25 Felix Fietkauignore mtd erase errors (will probably be required...
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkaumake network scripts more robust, prevent multiple...
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd netconfig fix for wl-500g premium
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd e1000 driver, remove references to LINUX_2_4_X86
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauturn target runtime check of mtd into a compile-time...
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauadd extra autoload for ppp modules
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauremove an obsolete function
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauconvert ar7-atm to KernelPackage template
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkauconvert ar7-net to KernelPackage template
2006-10-24 Felix Fietkaufix tiatm compile
2006-10-23 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2006-10-23 Felix Fietkauimprove mtd image check - don't check trx header if...
2006-10-22 Felix Fietkauadd missing autoload options
2006-10-20 Felix Fietkautemplate.awk fix processing of certain config file...
2006-10-20 Felix Fietkaumove /usr/lib/parse-config.awk to /lib/config/template.awk
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufix ar7-net compile error
2006-10-19 Nicolas Thillfix softdog kmod packaging on 2.6
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauadd sitefiles similar to the ones from openembedded
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufix bluetooth module packaging
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaucleanup
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkaufinally kill KMOD_template - removes a big chunk of...
2006-10-19 Felix Fietkauport more modules over to the new system
2006-10-18 Felix Fietkauremove bogus -j1 options from make calls
2006-10-18 Nicolas Thillenable native ipsec modules on 2.6, add ipsec kernel...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauoops, committed the wrong file
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaufix typo in usbcore autoload
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaufix path to usbcore.ko
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauport soundcore module
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauport the usb modules over to the new system
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauput madwifi in the right category
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauhacks for supporting the toshiba wrc-1000
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaufix submenu
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumake kernel module packaging code reusable and use...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumove the ar7 network driver into a separate package
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkaumove the ar7 adsl driver into a separate package direct...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauallow platform support directories to add and modify...
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkausplit
2006-10-17 Nicolas Thillfix kernel modules extensions
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkauadd zlib fix from #855
2006-10-17 Felix Fietkausome kernel module cleanup
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkauremove support for obsolete /etc/modules file
2006-10-16 Florian FainelliDo not automatically create atheros devices (#811)...
2006-10-16 Felix Fietkauremove
2006-10-15 Florian FainelliAdd ralink rt61 driver needed for rdc-2.6 target
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauadd patch from #849
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkauadd firewall protection for wan_device in addition...
2006-10-15 Felix Fietkaufix typo