brcm47xx: image: add helpers for defining devices
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package /
2015-03-30 Steven Barthnftables: bump to 2015-03-24
2015-03-30 John Crispinustream-ssl: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 John Crispinmodules: more xen modules have been moved
2015-03-30 John Crispinuhttpd: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 John Crispinrpcd: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 John Crispinubox: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 John Crispinprocd: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 John Crispinfstools: properly handle return codes
2015-03-30 Steven Barthodhcpd: fix default dhcpv6 behavior for non-/64
2015-03-30 Steven Barthodhcpd: fix musl build, change default DHCPv6 behavior
2015-03-30 Steven Barthodhcp6c: musl fixes (thanks Felix)
2015-03-29 John Crispinmodules: xen-fbfront.ko has moved
2015-03-29 John Crispinubox: update to latest git HEAD
2015-03-29 John Crispinubox: update to latest git HEAD
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove useless AddDepends/rtc abstraction
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove useless AddDepends/input abstraction
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove useless AddDepends/hid abstraction
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove useless AddDepends/crc16 abstraction
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaupx5g-standalone: change PKG_NAME to avoid directory...
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: make crypto-ctr depend on crypto-iv
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaulinux: modules: crypto: adds ccm package
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: remove mp-alg
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: [media] sn9c102: remove deprecated...
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaux86: make x86_64 a subtarget instead of a standalone...
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauiputils: fix musl compile errors
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauead: clean up, fix musl build
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauarptables: fix musl build issues
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauebtables: fix musl build issues
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauauthsae: remove bogus #include
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaufbtest: remove bogus #include
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauiperf3: use -D_GNU_SOURCE to fix build error on musl
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaue2fsprogs: enable parallel build
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkauconntrack-tools: add a build dependency on librpc ...
2015-03-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: add crc16 as boot module, it is required by...
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkauconntrack-tools: add more missing include statements
2015-03-28 Zoltan Herpaimodules: fix dwc2 build breakage on mxs
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove leftover olpc support code
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkauconntrack-tools: update package (along with associated...
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkaufuse: add missing include lines, fixes musl build
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkaue2fsprogs: update to the latest version, fixes musl...
2015-03-28 Felix Fietkauupdate libnetfilter_conntrack to version 1.0.4
2015-03-27 John Crispinprocd: remove superflous @ in depends line
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkaumac80211: fix tx queue allocation issues (#19329)
2015-03-27 John Crispinprocd: disable jail for uml builds
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkaumac80211: remove a leftover patch chunk that should...
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkauhostapd: fix compile errors with nl80211 disabled ...
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkauhostapd: fix a compiler warning in ap+station patch
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkaumac80211: rework memory allocation for software queuein...
2015-03-27 Felix Fietkauhostapd: disable the bridge packet receive workaround...
2015-03-27 Steven Barthnetifd: adjust default local policy rules
2015-03-27 John Crispindnsmasq: we dont want to run in debug mode
2015-03-27 John Crispinprocd: update to latest git HEAD
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: add 802.11r support
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: allow multiple key management algorithms
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: append nasid to config for all WPA types
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: add dependency to hostapd-common
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: package wpad-mesh and wpa_supplicant-mesh...
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: add switch_chan and set_vendor_elements ubus...
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauhostapd: update hostapd to 2015-03-25
2015-03-26 Zoltan Herpaipackages: uboot-mxs: bump to 2015.01
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkauuci: update to the latest version
2015-03-26 John Crispinprocd: fix jail/seccomp build depenedencies
2015-03-26 Imre Kalozmvebu: fixup usb3 support on the a38x
2015-03-26 Felix Fietkaumwlwifi: depend on TARGET_mvebu until it is fixed for...
2015-03-26 John Crispinnetifd: update to latest git HEAD
2015-03-26 John Crispinlua: fix eglibc reference
2015-03-26 John Crispinmdns: add jail and seccomp support
2015-03-26 John Crispindnsmasq: add jail support
2015-03-26 John Crispinprocd: add jail support
2015-03-26 John Crispinbase-files: add a init.d option that will start the...
2015-03-26 John Crispinbase-files: create jail folder on boot
2015-03-25 Steven Barthodhcp6c: various small fixes
2015-03-25 Felix Fietkautoolchain: drop obsolete references to the coldfire...
2015-03-25 Felix Fietkauiproute2: fix build error with musl (#19302)
2015-03-24 Rafał Miłeckikernel: mac80211: backport bcma patch renaming IRQ...
2015-03-24 Jo-Philipp Wichlldpd: add option to disable privilege separation
2015-03-24 Felix Fietkaubuild: remove obsolete references to cris and avr32
2015-03-24 Felix Fietkautoolchain: remove obsolete checks for avr32
2015-03-23 Steven Barthmac80211: disable for uml
2015-03-23 Imre Kalozmwlwifi: update to the new revision
2015-03-23 Felix Fietkauiwinfo: update to the latest version, fixes 802.11ac...
2015-03-22 John Crispinlibubox: update to latest git HEAD
2015-03-22 Felix Fietkaunetifd: fix default initialization of RPS/XPS
2015-03-22 Felix Fietkaunetifd: update to the latest version, adds support...
2015-03-22 Felix Fietkaufstools: update to the latest version, makes interrupte...
2015-03-22 Felix Fietkaubase-files: keep sysupgrade.tgz until /etc/init.d/done...
2015-03-22 Nicolas Thill[cosmetic] util-linux: replace spaces with tabs
2015-03-21 John Crispinkernel: fix usb kernel package Makefile
2015-03-21 John Crispinperf: don't error on warnings
2015-03-21 John Crispincurl: fix PKG_CONFIG_DEPENDS
2015-03-21 John Crispinlldpd: add Build/InstallDev rule
2015-03-21 Steven Barthnetifd: fix ipv6 route regression
2015-03-20 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: include brcmfmac firmware for BCM43602
2015-03-20 Rafał Miłeckimac80211: update linux-firmware to 2015-03-20
2015-03-20 Felix Fietkaukernel: fix ipset related build error (#19231)
2015-03-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: merge a few performance enhancements
2015-03-20 Felix Fietkaumac80211: update software queueing patch
2015-03-20 Imre Kalozmac80211: fix 5ghz variable name
2015-03-20 Imre Kalozmac80211: when looking for VHT, check 5GHz support...
2015-03-20 Felix Fietkaunetfilter: clean up compatibility code for old kernels