don't include .config if DUMP is set
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / package /
2007-06-25 Peter DenisonMerge bcm43xx-mac80211 driver from tree at
2007-06-25 Peter DenisonMerge mac80211 driver from tree at, pulled...
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: add some extra delay between bringing the...
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkauhotplug2: add fork handling optimization (also fixes...
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkauupdate to hotplug2 svn version (recommended by iSteve)
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkaufix failsafe on broadcom, send netlink events in diag...
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkauhotplug2: add a missing cflag, allow hotplug events...
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkaumake hotplug2 use the build system cflags
2007-06-25 Felix Fietkauremove bogus dependency, fix a few cosmetic bugs
2007-06-23 Florian FainelliUpgrade ntfs-3g to 1.616 (#1954)
2007-06-23 Florian FainelliUpgrade fuse to 2.6.5 (#1955)
2007-06-22 Felix Fietkauadd antenna diversity config support for broadcom-wl
2007-06-22 Florian FainelliDo not cache negative answers
2007-06-22 Florian FainelliPackage tunnel6 as well (#1943)
2007-06-22 Florian FainelliSend a kill signal to cron, otherwise two instances...
2007-06-22 Felix Fietkau[7701] for bcm43xx-mac80211 as well
2007-06-22 Felix Fietkaudo not attempt to compile mac80211 on 2.6.21
2007-06-22 Felix Fietkaukernel version specific fixups for kmod packages
2007-06-21 Felix Fietkaufix mac80211 build
2007-06-21 Peter DenisonNew: mac80211-based bcm43xx driver from the wireless...
2007-06-21 Peter DenisonNew: mac80211 stack from the wireless-dev tree
2007-06-21 Felix Fietkaufix cgi-bin directory handling (#1764)
2007-06-20 John Crispinadded usb-storage hotpluging
2007-06-20 Felix Fietkaufix a memleak in broadcom-diag (#1780)
2007-06-20 Mike BakerAllow the use of psk+psk2 (ap mode only). Thanks ragorn
2007-06-19 Florian Fainellimac80211 is not available for kernels < 2.6.22
2007-06-18 John Crispinadded 3 new crypto modules needed by ppp_mppe
2007-06-18 Florian FainelliRemove reference to old ar7-2.4 code
2007-06-18 Florian FainelliFix spca5xx compilation with ccache (#1849)
2007-06-18 Florian FainelliAdd support for the D-Link DIR-130/330
2007-06-18 Felix Fietkauupdate to 2.6.22-rc5 (#1915)
2007-06-17 Florian FainelliPut the acx tarball on (#1913)
2007-06-17 Felix Fietkaufix zd1211 with linux 2.6.22
2007-06-17 Felix Fietkaufix shfs compile on 2.6.22
2007-06-17 Felix Fietkaumark openswan as 2.4 only for now (doesn't work on...
2007-06-17 Felix Fietkaumake aodv-uu compatible with 2.6.22
2007-06-16 Felix Fietkaukeep track of the network interface states (stored...
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkauadd dropbear host keys to conffiles
2007-06-15 John Crispinmake zd1211_rw automatically select the firmware package
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkaufix awk segfault
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkaumore fixes
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkausome shell variable handling fixes
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkaufix typo
2007-06-15 Felix Fietkauallow config_* and uci_* functions to work on files...
2007-06-14 Florian FainelliMove wget2nand to the base-files for adm5120 also fix...
2007-06-14 Florian FainelliAdd support for Option HSDPA modems (#1890)
2007-06-14 Florian FainelliFix removing links to applets (#1770)
2007-06-14 Florian FainelliAlso package exportfs for nfsd to work properly on...
2007-06-13 John CrispinAdded package to load zydas1211 firmware
2007-06-13 Florian Fainelliautomatically load ipv6 module
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliAdd the mmc driver for WRT54G will be updated for 2...
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliDisable rt2500 for big-endian targets, we will update...
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliFix compilation for 2.4 kernels (#1836)
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliFix compilation on 2.4 kernels
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliAdd the conloglevel option (#1682)
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliAdd esfq to iproute2 and 2.4 kernel (#1891)
2007-06-13 Florian FainelliPackage libblkid from e2fsprogs
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliFix the pwc module path (#1885)
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliRemove symbolic links to non-existent applets (#1770)
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliAlso load compat_ioctl32 for V4L devices to load
2007-06-12 John Crispinadded several patches to make packages compile for...
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliUpgrade ipset to 2.2.9a, fix compilation errors with...
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliAdd updated support for buffalo routers (#1874)
2007-06-12 Florian FainelliPackage libstdc++ (#1883)
2007-06-11 Florian FainelliUpgrade rt2500 to a CVS snapshot, builds again on 2.6
2007-06-11 Florian FainelliAdd a cellvision profile for ADM5120 IP based cameras...
2007-06-11 Felix Fietkauadd direction matching patch for qos-scripts from ...
2007-06-11 Florian FainelliFix dependencies and build (#1849)
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thillrename kmod-qc-usb to kmod-usb-qc, fix dependencies...
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thillrationalize (and fix) dependencies for usb modules
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thilladd dependency on kmod-input-core to kmod-input-evdev
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thillchange module load priority (closes: #1804)
2007-06-10 Nicolas Thillfix fuse (closes: #1847)
2007-06-09 Peter Denisonupdate iproute2 to 2.6.20-070313, and package genl...
2007-06-08 Florian FainelliUse the target compiler
2007-06-08 Imre Kalozadd support for the AVR32 platform, namely the ATNGW100...
2007-06-08 Imre Kalozonly support 2.6 modules on 2.6, and only 2.4 modules...
2007-06-08 Imre Kalozfix insmod search when 2.4 module support is disabled
2007-06-07 Tim Yardleyfix ipset bitops not working
2007-06-07 Tim Yardleypackage ipset for use
2007-06-07 Imre Kalozfix last change - some pats are 2.6.22 specific, and...
2007-06-06 Florian FainelliForce 1 job at-a-time for isakmpd
2007-06-06 Imre Kalozfix the annoying error on package scan
2007-06-05 Felix Fietkauupgrade a few packages to newer versions (includes...
2007-06-04 John Crispinadded light edition of spca5xx driver and the streamin...
2007-06-04 Felix Fietkaurefresh all package patches in the buildroot using...
2007-06-04 Felix Fietkaupackage/refresh should clean all packages before refres...
2007-06-04 Felix FietkauRename 'refresh' to 'update' and make the new 'refresh...
2007-06-04 Nicolas Thillupdate uml-2.6 to on i386, fix uml-2.6 sound...
2007-06-03 Florian FainelliFix endianness issues with adm5120eb, thanks to Gabor !
2007-06-03 Felix Fietkauupdate wireless-tools to the latest version
2007-06-03 Felix FietkauAdd quilt integration for packages
2007-06-03 Felix Fietkaumadwifi: fix an unhandle cryptoapi change (wpa2)
2007-06-03 John Crispinmissing -p on mkdir command
2007-06-02 Florian FainelliChanged the RouterBOOT main to rootfs
2007-06-02 John Crispinadded some tools that the foxboard users are used to...
2007-06-02 Florian FainelliAdd iprange (#1799)
2007-06-02 Florian FainelliPut back zd1211 with r85 (#1806)
2007-06-02 Florian FainelliUnmark as broken
2007-06-02 Felix Fietkaufixes for wpa/wpa2