Convert openntpd to new packaging style
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / root /
2004-08-08 Mike Bakerconsole on serial; suggestion from jackstorm
2004-07-27 Mike Bakerfix syntax error
2004-07-21 Mike Bakernow with added verbosity
2004-07-21 Mike BakerHacks to run firstboot automatically
2004-07-20 Mike Bakeradd a few aliases that were nagging me
2004-07-13 Mike Bakerfix typo
2004-07-13 Mike Bakerdefine 'debug' .. mostly cosmetic fix
2004-07-13 Mike Bakersplit ifup/ifdown/wifi into standalone scripts
2004-07-12 Mike Bakermotd / login banner
2004-07-12 Mike BakerDisable spanning tree by default
2004-07-12 Mike Bakeroops, linewrap
2004-07-12 Mike Bakerfixup
2004-07-12 Mike Bakerpppoe hooks
2004-07-11 Mike Bakerhandle missing wan_ifname
2004-07-11 Mike Bakerfix update's version logic
2004-07-11 Mike Bakerreverted to fix mtd glitch
2004-07-08 Mike Bakerfix broadcast address
2004-07-07 Mike Baker*** empty log message ***
2004-07-07 Mike Baker*** empty log message ***
2004-07-07 Mike Bakermoving to dnsmasq as dhcp server
2004-07-07 Mike Bakerminor changes
2004-06-06 Mike Bakercleanup
2004-06-06 Mike Bakerobsolete.
2004-06-06 Mike Bakerrename alldone to halt
2004-06-06 Mike Bakermore cleanup
2004-06-06 Mike Bakerdeal with static routes
2004-06-06 Mike Bakercleanup, remove whitespace at end of lines
2004-05-11 Mike Bakerstill not happy with the failsafe timing
2004-05-11 Mike Bakerwe still need mtd unlock
2004-05-11 Mike Bakermove wifi mac fix to S10boot
2004-05-11 Mike Bakerset the wireless 2 mac addresses higher than ethernet
2004-05-10 Mike Bakerfix typo
2004-05-10 Mike Bakerdo we still need unlock?
2004-05-10 Mike Bakerload diag from preinit to signal the resetmon check
2004-05-10 Mike Bakerhandle condition where lan_ifname is unset (nvram reset)
2004-05-09 Mike Bakertemporary hack: delay resetmon checking by 1 sec
2004-05-08 Mike Bakerrestructure broke 1.1 support; fixed
2004-05-08 Mike Baker*** empty log message ***
2004-05-07 Mike Bakermove to new init.d structure
2004-05-04 Mike Bakerallow firstboot to be rerun
2004-05-04 Mike Bakeryay! hotplug for wds support
2004-05-04 Mike Bakerchange wifi init
2004-04-27 Mike Bakerchange the default message to something easier to under...
2004-04-14 Mike Bakercleanups to allow to run on other hardwar...
2004-04-13 Mike Bakercleanup
2004-04-13 Mike Bakeroops, if -> type
2004-04-13 Mike Bakerfixes for static .. gateway & resolv
2004-04-01 Mike Bakeradded ipkg.conf
2004-03-28 Mike Bakerdeal with static routes
2004-03-28 Mike Bakeradd stp, change pppoe command
2004-03-28 Mike Bakerbugfixes with unquoted expressions
2004-03-28 Mike Bakerprevent script from being run multiple times
2004-03-28 Mike Bakerinital commit of 20040316