[ar7] add swconfig to the default set of packages
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ar7 / Makefile
2010-08-19 Florian Fainelli[ar7] add swconfig to the default set of packages
2010-07-19 Imre Kalozupdate kernel versions
2010-05-27 Nicolas Thillupdate linux kernel to
2010-05-23 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel to version and 2.6...
2010-04-27 Alexandros C. Coul... sync to kernel
2010-03-26 Gabor Juhoskernel: update to
2010-03-09 Florian Fainelli[ar7] switch to 2.6.32
2009-12-04 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-10-23 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to
2009-10-01 Gabor Juhoskernel: upgrade to and refresh patches
2009-09-17 Imre Kalozupdate to latest 2.6.27 and 2.6.30 kernels
2009-09-09 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to, compile tested on some...
2009-08-17 Florian Fainelli[kernel] use
2009-08-08 Florian Fainelli[ar7] switch to
2009-07-31 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to
2009-07-27 Florian Fainelli[kernel] switch to
2009-07-24 Florian Fainelli[kernel] use
2009-07-03 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to latest stable kernel
2009-06-17 Florian Fainelli[kernel] use
2009-05-30 Florian Fainelli[ar7] use
2009-05-30 Florian Fainelli[ar7] rework ar7 profiles to separate dsl firmwares...
2009-05-27 Florian Fainelli[ar7] include missing atm-tools to setup pppoe/a links
2009-05-25 Florian Fainelli[ar7] include atm drivers in default images, otherwise...
2009-05-07 Florian Fainelli[ar7] include kmod-acx in default images
2009-05-07 Florian Fainelli[ar7] update to 2.6.27 (#4122)
2009-02-22 Florian Fainelli[ar7] include pppoa and br2684 packages by default...
2008-11-12 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to,, and...
2008-10-23 Florian FainelliUpdate to
2008-09-26 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-08-30 Florian FainelliSwitch ar7 to 2.6.26, thanks sn9
2008-08-22 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-08-07 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-07-26 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2008-07-05 Imre Kalozupdate targets to
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-06-17 Gabor Juhos[kernel] upgrade to, and refresh patches
2008-06-11 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-05-18 Gabor Juhos[kernel] upgrade to latest kernel versions (2.6.25...
2008-05-03 Matteo Crocear7: enable ethernet driver and use the kernel
2008-04-28 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-02-11 Imre Kalozupgrade & standardize kernel versions
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] Update kernel to 2.6.24
2007-10-23 Florian FainelliWe are now at .23.1
2007-10-10 Eugene Konevswitch ar7 to 2.6.23
2007-09-08 Felix Fietkauadapt profiles for subtarget changes
2007-09-08 Felix Fietkaumajor target cleanup. it is now possible to have subtar...
2007-09-06 Felix Fietkaustrip the kernel version suffix from target directories...