[ar7] increase flash window size to 32MiB, patch from sn9.
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / ar7 / files /
2010-11-07 Florian Fainelli[ar7] avoid namespace clash on ar7_gpio_init
2010-08-26 Florian Fainelli[ar7] add 2.6.35 support
2010-02-04 Florian Fainelli[ar7] move files to file-2.6.30
2010-01-28 Florian Fainelli[ar7] add UPF_IOREMAP flag to the uart port definition...
2010-01-03 Florian Fainelli[ar7] add support for titan variant (WRTP54G) (#6185)
2009-08-02 Florian Fainelli[ar7] add experimental support for 2.6.30
2009-06-01 Florian Fainelli[ar7] remove old 2.6.24 code
2009-05-27 Florian Fainelli[ar7] revert part of r16112, the setup.c part needs...
2009-05-27 Florian Fainelli[ar7] include missing atm-tools to setup pppoe/a links
2009-05-25 Florian FainelliI recently came across an ar7 device which has the...
2009-05-07 Florian Fainelli[ar7] update to 2.6.27 (#4122)
2009-02-22 Florian Fainelli[ar7] do not patch the local copy of ar7part.c to be...
2008-09-23 Felix FietkauAR7 watchdog supports magic close
2008-09-01 Florian FainelliTreat vlynq external divisor just like automatic, fix...
2008-09-01 Florian FainelliFix divisor calculation and configuration from previous...
2008-08-31 Florian FainelliFix divisor settings for external devices like wireless...
2008-05-12 Gabor Juhos[ar7] use the righ value in the DSP clock calculation
2008-04-07 Matteo Crocear7: remove volatiles definitely
2008-04-07 Matteo Crocevlynq: revert volatiles until we find a good way to...
2008-04-07 Matteo Crocear7: remove useless volatiles
2008-04-07 Matteo Crocear7: remove unneeded packed and array initialization
2008-04-02 Matteo Crocevlynq: small fixes
2008-04-02 Matteo Croceadd proper email addresses to the comment headers
2008-04-02 Matteo CroceLet authors holds copyright of the AR7 code (closes...
2008-04-02 Matteo Crocevlynq: probe for an external clock first, needed to...
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] Update kernel to 2.6.24
2008-02-08 Matteo Croce[AR7] make current AR7 code 2.6.24 aware, for future use
2008-02-02 Felix FietkauDG834G Power LED fix
2008-01-29 Matteo Crocefixed war.h path
2008-01-29 Matteo Croce[AR7] added missing war.h
2008-01-16 Florian FainelliAdd support for european DSL-502t leds (#2880)
2008-01-13 Matteo Crocegpio: revert it back, wrong and useless
2008-01-12 Matteo Croce[AR7] GPIO fix
2008-01-12 Matteo Croce[AR7] cache GPIO addresses to be more efficent
2008-01-04 Florian FainelliAdd dg834 leds support from #2817
2007-12-16 Florian FainelliAdd LEDs definitions for the D-Link DSL-502T (#2746)
2007-12-07 Felix Fietkau[PATCH 2/2] Reimplement rx ring with EOQ markers to...
2007-12-07 Felix Fietkau[PATCH 1/2] Fix race between device reset and start_xmit
2007-12-04 Felix FietkauFix VLYNQ device enable for DG834Gv1
2007-10-23 Matteo Crocear7_gpio: remove unneeded checks and volatile
2007-10-19 Eugene Konevfritzbox leds detection (thanks Axel Gembe)
2007-10-16 Eugene KonevFix tx error handling (#2552). Make rx ring size actual...
2007-10-13 Eugene Konevfix the case when NETDEVICES_MULTIQUEUE is not enabled...
2007-10-11 Eugene Konevremove version checks
2007-10-11 Eugene Konevwe are using leds-gpio now
2007-10-11 Eugene Konevlocking rework, drop non-napi rx, multiqueue tx, misc...
2007-10-08 Matteo Crocebackport ar7_wdt from linux-2.6-watchdog-mm
2007-10-05 Eugene Konevcleanup vlynq. drop vlynq-pci
2007-10-02 Eugene Konevmore cpmac cleanups (#2452):
2007-10-01 Eugene Konevadd usb controller definition
2007-10-01 Nicolas Thillrevert to vlynq bus clock divisor guessing
2007-09-30 Eugene Konevdon't enable rts/cts by default (thanks nabcore, #2400)
2007-09-23 Eugene Konevadd necessary includes
2007-09-21 Eugene Konevadd initial generic gpio-leds support
2007-09-21 Eugene Konevmake gpio conformant to generic gpio spec.
2007-09-20 Matteo Crocefix silliness in [8886]
2007-09-20 Matteo Crocereplace deprecated u_char with u8
2007-09-20 Matteo CroceMake ar7_part more readable and endianness safe
2007-09-20 Matteo Crocesmall cpmac fixes
2007-09-20 Eugene Konevuse set_irq_chip_and_handler (#2408)
2007-09-19 Matteo Crocestyle cleanups (make checkpatch.pl happy)
2007-09-19 Eugene Konevcleanup (use dma API, use accessors, debugging/printk...
2007-09-14 Eugene Konevfix previous commit
2007-09-14 Eugene Konevadd *dma_mask's to cpmacs
2007-09-14 Eugene Konevfix watchdog seek test (#2383)
2007-09-13 Eugene Konevmmzone.h is not needed anymore
2007-09-13 Eugene Konev128 irqs is not enough...
2007-09-13 Eugene Konevcopy-paste typo, lost static's
2007-09-12 Matteo Croceuse ebase instead of CAC_BASE, some cosmetic fixes
2007-09-12 Matteo CroceEnabled working ar7_wdt, style cleanups
2007-09-12 Matteo Croceadded ar7_wdt fix by Alex
2007-09-12 Matteo CroceStyle fixes
2007-09-12 Eugene Konevthere is no need in two identical actions
2007-09-12 Eugene Konevvlynq cleanups:
2007-09-11 Matteo Crocemore AR7 cleanups & fixes
2007-09-11 Matteo Croceno memset after kzalloc
2007-09-11 Matteo CroceAR7: Cleanups (closes: #2323)
2007-09-11 Nicolas Thilldisable dsp freq use for vlynq bus clock init, disable...
2007-09-11 Nicolas Thillfix typo
2007-09-11 Eugene KonevStyle cleanup
2007-09-11 Eugene KonevStyle cleanup
2007-09-11 Eugene KonevAR7: IRQ handlng cleanup
2007-09-11 Florian FainelliRemove useless EXTRA_CFLAGS stuff
2007-09-11 Florian FainelliFix comments to the mtd driver (see linux-mips.org...
2007-09-08 Eugene KonevUse PHYS_OFFSET.
2007-09-08 Eugene KonevAdd TNETW1350 to known devices. Style cleanups.
2007-09-06 Nicolas Thillcosmetic fixes for ar7: indent, use lowercase hex notat...
2007-09-06 Felix Fietkaustrip the kernel version suffix from target directories...