[kernel]: upgrade kernel versions to the latest stable ones
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / au1000 /
2010-10-04 Imre Kaloz[kernel]: upgrade kernel versions to the latest stable...
2010-08-29 Lars-Peter Clausen[kernel] Update 2.6.35.x to
2010-08-22 Florian Fainelli[au1000] refresh 2.6.35 patches
2010-08-21 Michael BüschUpdate to
2010-08-09 Florian Fainelli[au1000] add support for 2.6.35
2010-07-12 Claudio Mignantimassive: replace occurences of .$(LINUX_KMOD_SUFFIX...
2010-07-10 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update to kernel
2010-07-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] add 2.6.34 support
2010-07-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] fix line wrapped patch
2010-07-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] fix PCI, thanks br1, put back suppor...
2010-07-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] revert upstream commit that broke PCI until...
2010-06-26 Florian Fainelli[au1000] reinstate 2.6.30 support until 2.6.32 is fixed
2010-05-27 Nicolas Thillupdate linux kernel to
2010-05-23 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update kernel to version and 2.6...
2010-04-27 Alexandros C. Coul... sync to kernel
2010-04-24 Nicolas Thillpackage/kernel: move PCMCIA modules to their own file...
2010-04-24 Nicolas Thillpackage/kernel: move target specific modules to their...
2010-04-12 Nicolas Thilldefine a shared IMG_PREFIX variable used as a basename...
2010-03-26 Gabor Juhoskernel: update to
2010-03-26 Florian Fainelli[au1000] drop support for 2.6.30
2010-03-14 Felix Fietkaureplace some more references to hostapd-mini with wpad...
2010-03-11 Nicolas Thilldo *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on...
2010-03-04 Florian Fainelli[au1000] merge the two patches applying to the same...
2010-02-28 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: update to kernel
2010-02-21 Florian Fainelli[au1000] switch to 2.6.32, resync kernel config, enable...
2010-02-11 Imre Kalozre-sort all target and subtarget config files
2010-02-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] add 2.6.32 support
2010-02-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] move 2.6.30 configuration to their appropriate...
2010-01-23 Felix Fietkaureplace the hostapd preselection with a wpad preselecti...
2009-12-27 Imre Kalozswitch ixp4xx and ubicom32 to 2.6.30, get rid of 2...
2009-12-04 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to 2.6.30, refresh patches
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsort all target config files
2009-10-23 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to
2009-10-05 Andy Boyett[generic-2.6] move IMAGE_CMDLINE_HACK default to generi...
2009-10-01 Gabor Juhoskernel: upgrade to and refresh patches
2009-09-17 Imre Kalozupdate to latest 2.6.27 and 2.6.30 kernels
2009-09-10 Gabor Juhoskernel: get rid of the simple_prom_emulator, it is...
2009-09-10 Gabor Juhoskernel: add generic image_cmdline hack to MIPS targets
2009-09-09 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to, compile tested on some...
2009-08-17 Florian Fainelli[kernel] use
2009-08-01 Florian Fainelli[au1000] prevent error messages on the requesting of...
2009-07-31 Florian Fainelli[kernel] update to
2009-07-27 Florian Fainelli[kernel] switch to
2009-07-20 Imre Kalozupdate to
2009-07-18 Florian Fainelli[au1000] switch to
2009-07-18 Florian Fainelli[au1000] prefer ath5k over madwifi and include kexec...
2009-07-18 Florian Fainelli[au1000] remove 2.6.27 patches
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozmake kernels use /etc/preinit by default
2009-05-07 Florian Fainelli[au1000] update to 2.6.28
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozsome more kernel config cleanup.. last for today :)
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozmore cleanup
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozcleanup MTD option handling
2009-05-03 Imre Kalozupgrade to newest stable kernel versions
2009-04-17 Florian Fainelli[au1500] do not override input config symbols (#4722)
2009-04-17 Florian Fainelli[au1500] resync au1550 kernel configuration
2009-03-24 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] update to kernel version
2009-03-14 Felix Fietkaunuke obsolete kernel stuff
2009-02-21 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] update to and
2009-02-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-02-11 Florian Fainelli[au1000] add DBAu1550 support, thanks to Philippe Vachon
2009-02-11 Florian Fainelli[au1000] prepare to support more au1x00 targets
2009-02-08 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-25 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-23 Gabor Juhos[kernel] switch to
2009-01-15 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2009-01-08 Florian Fainelli[au1000] Convert au1000 to using gpiolib, fixes an...
2009-01-02 Andy BoyettAdd hostapd-mini to default images where applicable
2008-12-19 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2008-12-16 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and refresh patches
2008-12-10 Florian FainelliDisable CONFIG_NF_CT_ACCT
2008-12-06 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and refresh patches
2008-12-04 Gabor Juhos[au1000] refresh patches
2008-12-02 Gabor Juhos[kernel] make mips_machine stuff available for other...
2008-11-25 Imre Kalozupdate to
2008-11-25 Imre Kalozmove THERMAL symbols into the generic config
2008-11-20 Florian FainelliRemove those two profiles, people that actually change...
2008-11-17 Imre Kalozmove some options to the generic 2.6.27 config
2008-11-17 Imre Kalozupdate to
2008-11-15 Florian FainelliUse 2.6.27 for au1000
2008-11-12 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to,, and...
2008-11-07 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to, and refresh patches
2008-09-26 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-09-24 Nicolas Thilldisable CONFIG_USB_SUPPORT in generic config for 2...
2008-09-09 Florian Fainelliau1000: fix gpio output
2008-08-22 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-08-07 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to and
2008-08-04 Travis Kemenupdate kernel config
2008-08-02 Travis Kementry to clean up some kernel configs
2008-07-26 Gabor Juhos[kernel] update to
2008-07-05 Imre Kalozupdate targets to
2008-06-26 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-06-17 Gabor Juhos[kernel] upgrade to, and refresh patches
2008-06-11 Imre Kalozupgrade to
2008-06-06 John Crispinfixes au1000 ethernet support, signed off: Bruno Randolf
2008-05-22 Florian FainelliResync 2.6.25 au1000 kernel config
2008-05-19 Gabor Juhos[au1000] bump to, refresh kernel patches
2008-05-09 Nicolas Thillenable proper PCI & USB support detection at config...
2008-05-03 John Crispinbump au1000 to .25