Add back Sitecom WL-105b support
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / brcm-2.4 / base-files / etc / init.d / netconfig
2008-01-08 Florian FainelliAdd back Sitecom WL-105b support
2007-09-29 Gabor Juhosget rid of per-profile base-files
2007-03-02 Tim Yardleycommit profile support for base-files... patches still...
2007-01-20 Felix FietkauAdd WL-700gE support (based on work by jr)
2007-01-07 Felix Fietkauadd a netconfig override for the wl-500g (fixes #1116)
2006-12-12 Felix Fietkaubetter network config support for bcm94704
2006-11-22 Felix Fietkaumove platform specific base-files into target/linux...