[backfire] backport r26906
[openwrt/svn-archive/archive.git] / target / linux / generic-2.6 / config-2.6.30
2010-09-04 Jo-Philipp Wich[backfire] enable SysRq for all platforms, remove overr...
2010-08-16 Felix Fietkaumerge swconfig (+drivers) improvements from trunk
2010-07-21 Felix Fietkaumerge the crashlog feature from r22305, r22326
2010-07-21 Felix Fietkauadd missing kernel config symbols
2010-05-23 Hauke Mehrtens[backfire] backport r21449
2010-03-25 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing CONFIG_CB1400_CORE symbol, spotted...
2010-03-21 Hauke Mehrtenskernel: Add some missing config symbols
2010-03-12 Nicolas Thillremove CONFIG_PCI=y missed from [20136] in generic...
2010-03-11 Nicolas Thilldo *not* enable CONFIG_PCI in generic config, but on...
2010-02-24 Gabor Juhoskernel: add driver for the RTL8366RB switch
2010-02-21 Travis Kemenfix missing symbol
2010-02-21 Hauke Mehrtensext4: add Support for large (2TB+) block devices and...
2010-02-20 Jo-Philipp Wich[package] kernel: make NFSv4 optional and add kmods...
2010-02-19 Gabor Juhoskernel: add a bunch of missing symbols to the 2.6.30...
2010-02-18 Travis Kemenadd missing symbol
2010-02-11 Imre Kalozclean up handling of some kernel symbols
2010-02-11 Imre Kalozre-sort all target and subtarget config files
2010-01-25 Gabor Juhosrtl8366: make it available on all platforms
2009-12-23 Nicolas Thill[target] generic: add missing CONFIG_HCALL_STATS symbol...
2009-12-04 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing kernel configuration symbols
2009-11-29 Felix Fietkaukernel: move CONFIG_MIPS_FPU_EMU to generic kernel...
2009-11-24 Felix Fietkaukernel: add missing config symbols for kernel debugging
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsome more Kconfig symbol move..
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozanother round of kernel config cleanups
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozmove CPUFREQ to generic configs
2009-11-11 Imre Kalozsort all target config files
2009-11-03 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add more missing configuration symbols
2009-11-02 Imre KalozSwitch to the squashfs-lzma code from the squashfs...
2009-10-27 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add more missing configuration symbols
2009-10-27 Imre Kalozsort kconfig symbols in generic configs
2009-10-27 Imre Kalozadd missing kconfig symbol
2009-10-25 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing configuration symbols
2009-10-11 Nicolas Thill[kernel] config: add missing CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN_USB_COM...
2009-10-11 Nicolas Thill[kernel] config: add missing CONFIG_SONYPI symbol to...
2009-10-09 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing CONFIG_IDE_PHISON symbol
2009-10-08 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add more missing USB related configuration...
2009-10-08 Imre Kalozadd missing symbol
2009-10-08 Imre Kalozenable ATA_SFF (PATA support) in the generic configs
2009-10-07 Nicolas Thill[kernel] config: add another bunch of missing CONFIG_US...
2009-10-07 Nicolas Thill[kernel] config: add CONFIG_USB_SUSPEND to generic
2009-10-06 Nicolas Thill[kernel] config: add missing CONFIG_ORION entry to...
2009-10-06 Nicolas Thill[kernel] move common CONFIG_MMC entries to generic
2009-10-06 Nicolas Thill[kernel] move common CONFIG_BATTERY entries to generic
2009-10-06 Nicolas Thill[kernel] move common CONFIG_TOUCHSCREEN entries to...
2009-10-06 Nicolas Thill[kernel] move more CONFIG_SND entries to generic
2009-10-05 Nicolas Thill[kernel] move common CONFIG_FB entries to generic
2009-10-05 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing CONFIG_VIDEO_GO7007 symbol
2009-10-05 Andy Boyett[generic-2.6] 2.6.30: disable SND_PPC by default
2009-10-05 Andy Boyett[generic-2.6] move IMAGE_CMDLINE_HACK default to generi...
2009-09-27 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add kexec fixes for mips from M. Syrchin
2009-09-21 Felix Fietkauimplement write support for partitions covering only...
2009-09-19 Felix Fietkauadd support for the Brain Fuck Scheduler v230 for 2...
2009-08-27 Florian Fainelliadd the in-tree gspca driver
2009-08-15 Hauke Mehrtens[mac80211] Do not build the mac80211 module in the...
2009-08-14 Felix Fietkauadd a driver for rtl8306 switches
2009-08-13 Hauke Mehrtens[lib80211] fix build
2009-07-29 Imre Kalozmove some PPC symbols to the generic config
2009-07-23 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing 2.6.30 HID configuration symbols
2009-07-22 Gabor Juhos[kernel] 2.6.{28,30}: add missing config symbol
2009-07-20 Gabor Juhos[kernel] 2.6.30: add CONFIG_DEFAULT_MMAP_MIN_ADDR symbol
2009-07-19 Gabor Juhos[kernel] 2.6.30 add missing config symbol
2009-07-14 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add SND_HRTIMER to 2.6.30/31 kernel configurat...
2009-07-12 Felix Fietkaukernel: clean up scheduler default config and kmod...
2009-06-17 Imre Kalozadd missing initramfs symbols to the generic 2.6.30...
2009-06-01 Felix Fietkauadd ip175c switch driver patch to 2.6.30
2009-06-01 Imre Kalozadd missing config option
2009-06-01 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] Add missing kernel symbol.
2009-06-01 Imre Kalozfix typo and add nand_gpio to the generic config
2009-05-24 Felix Fietkauenable multicast routing by default
2009-05-24 Felix Fietkaumove the hostap firmware kernel config options to KCONF...
2009-05-22 Gabor Juhos[kernel] generic-2.6: move PCI quirk patch from the...
2009-05-21 Gabor Juhos[kernel] generic-2.6/2.6.30: CONFIG_CRYPTO_ALGAPI must...
2009-05-20 Felix Fietkau2.6.30: add lzma support to squashfs through pcomp
2009-05-19 Florian Fainelli[kernel] disable CONFIG_SSB_BLOCKIO by default until...
2009-05-18 Imre Kalozeven more config file cleanup
2009-05-18 Imre Kalozupgrade to 2.6.30-rc6, refresh patches
2009-05-15 Imre Kalozconfig cleanups
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozsome additional config file cleanup..
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozunify congestion control options
2009-05-14 Imre Kalozmove arm ARCH symbols to the generic configs
2009-05-13 Felix Fietkauturn off -Os by default for the kernel and stick to -O2
2009-05-13 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing configuration symbol
2009-05-12 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] Add missing kernel configuration options.
2009-05-12 Hauke Mehrtens[kernel] Only build the modules needed by mac80211...
2009-05-07 Jo-Philipp WichAdd support for pc speaker
2009-05-07 Jo-Philipp Wich[kernel] prepare default configuration for kernel side...
2009-05-05 Imre Kalozadd missing RTC symbols to generic configs
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozsome more kernel config cleanup.. last for today :)
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozmore cleanup
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozfix typo
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozcleanup MTD option handling
2009-05-04 Imre Kalozmove MFD stuff to the generic kernel configs
2009-05-02 Gabor Juhos[kernel] generic/2.6.30: add missing Kconfig options
2009-05-01 Imre Kalozupgrade sibyte to .30-rc4
2009-05-01 Florian Fainelli[kernel] add missing configuration symbols when enablin...
2009-04-29 Imre Kalozupdate 2.6.30 generic config, resort symbols
2009-04-29 Felix FietkauAdd a driver for Atheros AR8216 switches
2009-04-28 Imre Kalozpreliminary 2.6.30 support